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What’s not to like?

Maris Grove a perfect solution for Chadd’s Ford couple

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May 9th, 2018
Stan Ross assists his wife Adele as she prepares to work out at the fitness center in Maris Grove’s Redwood Commons Clubhouse.

Stan Ross assists his wife Adele as she prepares to work out at the fitness center in Maris Grove’s Redwood Commons Clubhouse.

Stan and Adele Ross’s opinion of Maris Grove, Erickson Living’s continuing care retirement community in Delaware County, Pa., can be summed up in four words: What’s not to like?

The former Chadd’s Ford residents had considered retirement communities but weren’t motivated to move until March a year ago when Adele had hip replacement surgery and suffered an extended bout of vertigo.

“Stan ran up and down the stairs taking care of me,” she says. “We decided a two-story, four-bedroom house was no longer sensible. And who knows what might happen in the future?”

One-level living

Maris Grove provides one-level living, and its location is close to the Rosses’ kids and grandkids, former friends, and shopping.

Because their doctor was retiring, when Stan and Adele moved last fall, they switched to a Maris Grove staff physician; the campus medical professionals provide care exclusively to community members and have offices on site in the full-service medical center. “Why go anywhere else?” says Stan.

The couple lives in Maris Grove’s new Redwood Commons neighborhood. The medical center and pharmacy and convenience store, though, is in the Brinton neighborhood. But that’s not a problem. Interior hallways and climate-controlled bridges enable community members to go from building to building without venturing outdoors.

“That’s so appealing,” says Stan. “In a bad snowstorm, you can go to dinner or anywhere else on campus without having to go outside.” This past winter, that’s exactly what they did.

Maris Grove’s three neighborhoods provide a total of six campus restaurants.

“If I’d had to put on a coat and boots and go outside to get to dinner, forget it!” Adele says. “I’d eat cornflakes.”

New address, same full lifestyle

The Rosses’ apartment style is a miniature of their former house: “It was a contemporary house with an open floor plan,” says Adele. “The living room, dining room, and kitchen flowed together, and we have the same thing here.”

Their common rooms boast wood floors. There’s also a den, a large laundry room, and a balcony where Stan reads the Sunday paper.

The Rosses’ house had been entertainment central, where up to 40 friends and family members gathered for holiday meals. Because their home at Maris Grove easily seats 25 dinner guests, the Rosses hosted their 2017 Thanksgiving meal as usual.

Afterward, “We had so many leftovers I went door to door and invited hallway neighbors in,” Adele says. “We had 20 people here for leftovers.”

She and Stan are so pleased they chose Maris Grove. They’ve made scores of new friends and discovered that some of their new neighbors are actually some of their old friends.

To their surprise, their across-the-hall neighbors are the parents of their son’s best friend. And the mother of a Chadd’s Ford friend has moved in from Florida.

Adele and Stan have commitments all across the campus. They attend a resident-facilitated video lecture series, patronize the campus library, and use the two campus fitness centers.

Stan has also taken up billiards after a decades-long gap.

“We had a full life before, and we have a full life now,” says Adele. “They say, ‘It takes a village.’ Well, this is a village. The people are what we appreciate most about Maris Grove.”