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Golfing for ‘hits and giggles’

Ladies’ golf club provides friendly competition and conversation

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June 14th, 2018
A golf ball in the grass

Golf is a favorite past time at many Erickson Living Communities. 

One of the longest-running resident-run groups at Linden Ponds is the women’s golf club. Each spring, when the weather warms up in April or May, the club resumes its weekly outings to Rockland Golf Course, in Rockland, Mass.

“The ladies’ golf club is open to everybody at Linden Ponds that wants to play. We have 15 women playing right now,” says Barbara Ireland, who coleads of the group with neighbor Nancy Crowley. “We play only nine holes, and then we stay for lunch.”

Once a month or so, for a change of scenery, the club plays a different course, such as Weathervane Golf Course, in Weymouth, or Strawberry Valley Golf Course, in Abington.

Some of the ladies have been golfing for many years, but the group is not competitive.

“It’s basically ‘hits and giggles,’” Barbara says. “You can keep score if you want, and we don’t use handicaps. We just have a lot of fun.”

Friendly competition

However, the women’s golf club does take on the Linden Ponds men’s golf club every year at the end of the season. They celebrate afterward with a cocktail party, and the winning team gets bragging rights as well as their photo displayed on the wall at the community’s on-site pub.

The women’s and men’s golf clubs are also trying to set up a tournament against the Linden Ponds staff.

Barbara says the women’s golf club is a great, low-pressure way for neighbors to form friendships. The ladies can chat while they play and get to know each other better over postgolf lunches.

“We change the pairings every week, so we get to play with everybody before the season is over,” she says. “We’d love to have anybody who wants to come regardless of their ability.”