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Many hands make light work

Experienced team of experts keeps every move right on track

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June 14th, 2018
Fred Booth poses with his 200 model trains and the custom train cabinet he had made to display them.

“They pulled it off without a hitch,” says Fred Booth, referencing the transport of his beloved model train collection and custom-built display cabinet to Greenspring this past April.

"My trains are very important to me,” says Fred Booth in reference to his extensive model train collection. “They are a link to both of my grandfathers who worked on Rock Island. I knew I wanted to move to Greenspring [an Erickson Living community in Springfield, Va.], but the trains had to come with me. I told the sales team, ‘No trains, no Fred.’” 

Fred worked with Greenspring Personal Moving Consultant Anna Greves and gained access to a large network of recommended moving professionals, including Lori James at Atlas Services, a downsizing and organizing management company.

“It was important that all my trains make it to Greenspring safely, but my real concern was moving the large custom display cabinet I had made to showcase many of the trains,” says Fred.

Anything is possible

“We tell people that no job is too small, too large, too dirty, too strange, too anything—we will figure it out,” says James, who has worked with people moving to Greenspring since 2010. “Ensuring that Mr. Booth’s trains and oversized cabinet arrived at Greenspring safely was our number-one priority.

James and her team immediately went to work creating a full-size mock-up of Fred’s custom cabinet.

“I knew that the best way to relieve Mr. Booth’s concerns about moving the cabinet was to show him that it could be done safely and effectively,” she says. “Once we made the model cabinet, our team moved it from his home, to the moving truck, through the doors at Greenspring, into the moving elevators, down the hallway, and into Mr. Booth’s new apartment home.”

“That sealed the deal for me,” says Fred. “Once I knew that the cabinet could be moved safely, I finalized all my plans for moving to Greenspring.”

No stone left unturned

While Fred turned his attention to the other aspects of his move, the Atlas Services team began preparing for the big day.

“Each of the almost 200 trains received our white-glove treatment,” says James. “We designed custom boxes to carefully transport Mr. Booth’s beloved trains. We also used special toothbrushes to carefully dust each train before placing them in the boxes.”

Once everything was hand packed, an Atlas Services employee rode in the moving truck with the trains and the custom cabinet to ensure their safe arrival at Greenspring. The cabinet and trains were moved into Fred’s apartment with the same ease as the trial run.

“Throughout the whole process, Lori assured me that everything was under control, and she was right,” says Fred. “When my trains and cabinet arrived, she and her team carefully unpacked everything and helped set up the cabinet. What a relief!”

Settling in

Just three weeks after his April 2018 move, Fred opened his new home to the team of people he credits with pulling off a successful, stress-free move.

“It was important to me that everyone involved in the move had the opportunity to see the trains in their new home,” he says. “I am very grateful for all the help I received. Every detail was taken care of for me, sometimes even before I knew it was a detail that needed to be considered. I highly recommended Erickson’s moving services to others.”