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Windsor Run welcomes Dr. Geralyn M. Campi as medical director

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July 20th, 2018
Windsor Run Medical Director Geralyn M. Campi, M.D., is board-certified in internal medicine.

Windsor Run Medical Director Geralyn M. Campi, M.D., is board-certified in internal medicine.

Windsor Run, an Erickson Living community in Matthews, N.C., announces the arrival of Geralyn M. Campi, M.D., as medical director. Dr. Campi joins the executive leadership team with over 25 years of internal medicine experience.

“I am very excited to meet the new residents of Windsor Run and to establish lifelong relationships with each individual,” says Campi. “I enjoy treating the whole patient and not just a symptom, an ailment, or a disease. It is these personal relationships that fuel my passion for medicine.”

Solid foundation

Prior to accepting the position at Windsor Run, Campi worked as both as a solo internal medicine practitioner and as a physician in a large health care/hospital system. Her most recent position was as an internal medicine physician with the Carolinas Healthcare System, performing thorough physical examinations and providing chronic and acute medical care. Board-certified in internal medicine, she holds professional licenses in both North and South Carolina.

“It is truly a privilege to be a physician,” she says.

Powerful partnership

As Windsor Run’s first medical director, Campi and the staff at the on-site medical center offer a level of care unavailable at other retirement communities. By specializing in the unique needs of seniors and working exclusively with community members, they provide personalized care, same-day appointments, and proactive care focused on a patient’s own goals for living.

“It is my goal to provide quality medical care that is respectful of the privacy and adherent to the wishes of the patient,” says Campi. “Care is personal, attentive, and unhurried—as it should be.”

Windsor Run’s medical center provides 60-minute new patient appointments. All subsequent appointments last 30 minutes, allowing Campi and her staff the time to address all health needs as well as answer important questions. Same-day sick visits are always available.

“Receiving the best health care possible is the result of the important collaboration between myself and the patient,” says Campi. “This includes taking the time necessary to thoroughly discuss health concerns and effectively addressing all aspects of maintaining health and vitality. Access will never be an issue for community members at Windsor Run.”

Keeping track

To help Campi and her staff provide the best medical care possible, the medical center utilizes electronic medical records to accurately document appointments and medical or prescription needs. These electronic medical records improve communication between doctors, provide the capacity for drug interaction checks, and prevent mistakes due to all too common undecipherable handwriting and misspellings. Should a community member require hospital care, the medical staff on campus will work closely with the hospital, coordinating care through the use of the electronic records and devising a medical plan for when the resident returns home.

While working for the Carolinas Healthcare System, Campi witnessed firsthand the importance of electronic records in a hospital setting. She has also worked as a physician advisor helping to educate providers on techniques to improve documentation to the benefit of patients.

“Maintaining detailed electronic documentation of all patient visits provides a continuity of care that was not possible with paper records,” she says.

Healthy and happy living

When not working closely with the community members at Windsor Run, Campi and her husband Paul enjoy spending time with their four children, Alexandra (22), Paul (19), Elisabeth (18), and Luke (15). The Campi family also includes two furry canine family members, Hershey, a Jack Russell terrier, and a Yorkie named Mugsie.

“I love participating in the kids’ school and sports activities, visiting the beach, gardening, walking the dogs, and reading,” she says. “I also do my best to live a healthy lifestyle by eating wisely and regularly running on the treadmill.”