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Telling it like it is

Those who know best share why Tallgrass Creek is special

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August 23rd, 2018
Earlier this year, several residents shared what drove their decision to move to Tallgrass Creek in Overland Park, Kans. Sales Director Blake Marshall (far left) hosted the event, which included (from left) Bob Butterworth, Bruce Robb, Judy Higginbotham,

Earlier this year, several residents shared what drove their decision to move to Tallgrass Creek. Sales Director Blake Marshall hosted the event, which included (from left) Bob Butterworth, Bruce Robb, Judy Higginbotham, Jane Watts, and Jean Tracy.

Many people have difficulty deciding if and when is the appropriate time to move to a retirement community. Earlier this year, a roomful of Tallgrass Creek guests heard from several current residents who have walked that same path before moving to the Overland Park, Kans., retirement community.

Tallgrass Creek’s sales team hosted the event and provided a delicious luncheon of creamy crab soup with pancetta salad, gourmet sandwiches, and slices of assorted layer cakes. Guests then settled in to hear from residents Bob Butterworth, Bruce Robb, Judy Higginbotham, Jane Watts, and Jean Tracy, who each shared why they moved to Tallgrass Creek, one of 19 retirement communities developed and managed by Baltimore, Md.-based Erickson Living.

It’s all here

First up was Bob Butterworth, who, with his wife Janet, moved to Tallgrass Creek two years ago from a nearby neighborhood.

Bob told the guests that he and Janet enjoyed their former home and neighborhood but quickly added that life at Tallgrass Creek is much more relaxing without the constant upkeep of a large home.

“All the home maintenance issues we worried about before are taken care of here,” Bob said. “It’s a much more stress-free lifestyle.”

Though the couple knew several people who live at Tallgrass Creek, they still compared different retirement communities in the area. Tallgrass Creek was the clear favorite.

“If you like good restaurants, great exercise classes, going to the movies, and interesting activities, it’s all here,” said Bob. “And if you like a social, caring, friendly environment, that’s here too.”

Experience counts

Bruce and Pam Robb moved to Hummingbird Square, Tallgrass Creek’s newest residence building, soon after it opened in October. Bruce shared with guests why the couple decided to move when they did.

“Both sets of our parents waited too long and, as a result, their quality of life suffered,” he said. “They cocooned themselves in their homes and lost many social contacts except for family.”

Bruce also looked at the strength and background of Tallgrass Creek’s management team.

“Tallgrass Creek has an experienced management staff, some who have been at other Erickson Living communities, so they know their business,” said Bruce. “The staff communicates well with residents and responds, which is important.”

The Robbs have busy lives outside the community but are enjoying their new neighbors.

“The added circle of support is meaningful to us,” said Bruce.

Tough decisions

Judy Higginbotham was the very first community member at Hummingbird Square and moved from a large home in a golf course community in Kansas City, Mo. It was not an easy decision.

“I reserved an apartment, then unreserved, then reserved again,” she laughed. “But now that I’m here, I love it. I certainly don’t miss the water bill, air conditioning bill, and all the rest.”

Judy looked at other communities and says Tallgrass Creek’s location and security were part of her decision. She also enjoys the community’s social life.

“I still play golf and spend time with my friends but have met wonderful new friends at Tallgrass,” said Judy.

Since her move, Judy reported to the group that a recent checkup found her to be in better shape.

“I attribute it to less stress from living here at Tallgrass Creek,” she said.

Jane Watts also had misgivings about leaving her large home.

“Though I felt it was time to downsize, I really loved my home,” said Jane. “I looked at villas and condos but decided I didn’t want a second move later on. It helped that I fell in love with the floor plan I chose at Hummingbird Square.”

Jane added she doesn’t miss the neighborhood association dues, taxes, home insurance, and other bills. She knew she would enjoy a more stress-free lifestyle but is surprised by how much. She enjoys dining with new friends and loves her water aerobics class and all the interesting activities.   

“Though I did it for myself and my family, it’s been a lot of fun,” said Jane. “My daughter has thanked me many times.”

Long term becomes short term

Jean Tracy moved from California to be closer to family, so much of her research was done on the Internet. She was thinking about moving to a retirement community “perhaps in ten years,” so she first checked out communities with continuing care on site.

She found Blue Sage Pointe, Tallgrass Creek’s on-site continuing care neighborhood, offered top-notch assisted living, memory care, and post-acute rehabilitation care.   

Jean initially looked at apartments and condos in the area, but when she finally visited Tallgrass Creek, she found an open, caring, friendly community of both residents and staff.

“My ten-year plan turned into a one-year plan after visiting Tallgrass,” Jean told attendees. “Now that I’m here, I love it. The activities are incredible, and the people are wonderful. I do way more than I ever did in California.”

Jean is an avid walker, walking four miles a day. When the weather prohibits walking outside, she enjoys the wide hallways that connect the four, soon to be five, residence buildings to the main campus.

“I also love the mini-market and on-site medical center,” said Jean. “Dr. [Royce] Dunn is fantastic.”

Moving made easy

The resident speakers also gave high marks to Erickson Realty and Moving Services, which, Jane said, “made moving so much easier.”

The program offers complimentary coordination of all moving needs, including downsizing, home staging, packing, and selection of real estate professionals. More than 75% of Tallgrass Creek’s residents have utilized the program.

They also commented on Tallgrass Creek’s prime location close to Overland Park’s bustling 135th Street corridor.

“The community is set back on 65 acres of land, and it’s quiet back here,” Bruce explained. “But when you go out the front gate, you’re in the middle of everything.”

All the speakers agreed that they enjoy the many social, educational, and fitness opportunities offered at Tallgrass Creek but also continue their active lives outside the community.

“None of us changed our lifestyle,” said Bob. “We just changed our address.”