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Ashby Ponds at ten

People and community life a large part of the celebrated growth

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September 17th, 2018
Don and Silva McPherson, pictured here on a recent trip to Italy, credit their move to Ashby Ponds for allowing them the time and the peace of mind to pursue their interests.

Don and Silva McPherson, pictured here on a recent trip to Italy, credit their move to Ashby Ponds for allowing them the time and the peace of mind to pursue their interests.

Each day, Ashby Ponds fulfills its motto, “Sharing our gifts to create a community that celebrates life.” Last month, the Erickson Living community in Ashby Ponds, Va., began celebrating its ten-year anniversary with a full schedule of events in honor of this important milestone. 

“When looking back over the last ten years, what stands out most are the people, each individual who, in their own unique way, makes Ashby Ponds the vibrant community it is today,” says Executive Director Craig Karczmer.

In the early summer of 2012, Don McPherson and his wife Silvia embarked on their new life at Ashby Ponds, becoming an integral part of the fabric that makes Ashby Ponds one of the most sought-after continuing care communities in the nation and the recently named “favorite senior living community” in Loudoun County, as reported by Loudoun Now.

Journey begins

“At the time of our move, we chose an apartment home in the newest building, Red Robin View,” says Don. “We visited a few other retirement communities, not far from our home in Falls Church, but none had the extensive plans for sports and exercise facilities, eating venues, and meeting places for social mingling and entertainment as Ashby Ponds.”

Since the McPhersons arrived in 2012, Ashby Ponds has grown more rapidly than any other Erickson Living community in the nation. Recently, the community announced its third and final neighborhood, beginning with the construction of the thirteenth residence building, Belmont Commons, scheduled to open in fall 2019.

“We appreciate the new neighbors and the variety of new activities that are the result of this growth,” says Don. “We are continually impressed by the increasing number of social, physical, and intellectual activities available to us. In addition to new neighbors, Ashby Ponds’ growth has brought with it new staff members who devote themselves to our physical and mental well-being. I can safely say that Ashby Ponds has far exceeded our expectations.”

Busy calendar

Enjoying community life at Ashby Ponds, both Don and Silvia take part in a variety of clubs and activities. A member of the woodworking group, Don spends most afternoons in the woodshop making items for sale and repairing furniture belonging to neighbors.

Meanwhile, Silvia teaches piano to young students in the couple’s Ashby Ponds apartment home.

Recently, Don, an avid skier, traded his ski poles for bocce balls and swimsuit—he participated in the annual Ashby Ponds Summer Olympics. He won a gold medal in the team swim-walk relay and bronze in bocce.

“I enjoy the many opportunities available at Ashby Ponds to participate in physical activity,” says Don. “Events such as the Summer Olympics produce an abundance of spirit within the community.”

The couple also enjoys getting to know their neighbors, often over a meal together in one of the community’s five restaurants.

“Ashby Ponds is a very stimulating environment in which to live,” says Don. “Almost daily over dinner, Silvia and I meet neighbors with very interesting backgrounds. We’ve met extraordinary people who’ve held important, even critical, positions; traveled extensively; and written books concerning their careers and exploits.”

Full steam ahead

Looking forward to the continued growth of the community, the McPhersons are thankful for the life they enjoy at Ashby Ponds and the many friends they’ve made and continue to meet.

“Ashby Ponds is a home where we are safe, happy, and content,” says Don. “I believe we will owe an extended and better life to our residency at Ashby Ponds.”