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MyErickson rich in information about life at Maris Grove

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October 17th, 2018
The MyErickson app opens to a collection of icons that will take community members to information about every aspect of life at Maris Grove.

The MyErickson app opens to a collection of icons that will take community members to information about every aspect of life at Maris Grove.

When you want to accomplish something quickly and easily via the Internet, “There’s an app for that.”

Erickson Living retirement communities, including Maris Grove in Delaware County, Pa., have an app now too. Called MyErickson, it became available for download to community members’ desktop, laptop, or tablet computers earlier this year.

Once they set up their MyErickson account, residents can choose among an ever-growing number of icons to gain instant access to current information about the goings-on at their community.

In June, MyErickson launched at Maris Grove. In August, Maris Grove became the pilot community for MyErickson’s mobile app for smartphones.

For community members who store everything in their phone, MyErickson is especially convenient and useful.

Community Resources Manager Sally Christy says staff members consider the phone app invaluable too: “It saves them time because they can more easily reach various departments and residents as they go about their jobs.”

By year’s end, the app should be available at all Erickson Living campuses.

The community at your fingertips

This summer, 16 icons representing categories such as resident directory, department directory, community info, dining menus, and activities were accessible via the app.

Another icon enables community members to track their monthly meal plan balances.

Christy says the app’s official launch at Maris Grove was a well-orchestrated team effort to register people for a MyErickson account.

She and resident life staff enrolled Maris Grove’s computer club members first. “They were very excited,” Christy says. “Now they’re partnering with residents who need help accessing the information available. They’re like our ambassadors for the program.”

Should problems arise with their devices, individuals contact problem solver Cailin Clothier, community television coordinator at MGTV, Maris Grove’s in-house television studio.

Clothier is MyErickson’s technical advisor because the app uses the same software as the TV station to relay information. That simplifies the transferral of news and updates. The TV scroll of campus announcements, for example, automatically transfers its listings to the Daily Happenings icon on MyErickson.

Christy points out that MyErickson is expanding rather than replacing the TV scroll, clubhouse bulletin boards, and other traditional forms of communication.

“But more and more of our newer clientele have a different expectation on how communication is given,” she says. “The app will provide them with information when they want it—instantly, in most cases. And no matter where they are they’ll have access to all the information in MyErickson.”

“We’ve had good communication with Erickson Living’s corporate staff as we set this up and started using it,” Clothier says. “And we encourage feedback from residents about the app to help us make things easier and better for them.”

Visitors to MyErickson can access general information such as Daily Happenings. But for privacy and security, icons such as the resident directory are only accessible to those who have an account.

‘MyErickson is wonderful’

Beryl Shive, who with her husband Tom moved this March from Aston, Pa., to Maris Grove, registered early on for MyErickson.

“Most people turn on the TV or read the paper in the morning to tell them what’s going on in the world,” Beryl says. “MyErickson tells what my world is about today.”

She has the app on her desktop computer because of its larger screen. She and Tom still get a daily paper, but after breakfast they call up MyErickson, clicking first on Daily Happenings, then working their way through the other icons to learn what’s happening on campus and to help them decide which campus restaurant to go to that evening.

Beryl eagerly filled out her profile in MyErickson’s resident directory. Because MyErickson is a proprietary app, her information won’t show up on the Internet.

She hopes that including her interests in her profile will let her connect with neighbors who share those interests.

“MyErickson is wonderful,” says Beryl. “I grew up with and worked with computers, so it’s second nature to use this.

“Maris Grove’s management always tries to be better and more responsive to residents,” she adds. “Here the customer is always at the top of their thinking. I’ve worked my entire life, but I’ve never seen a place quite like this.”

MyErickson will continue to evolve and add icons. Examples include Maris Grove’s continuing care neighborhood, a patient portal for its on-site medical center, resources for community members, and clubs and special groups.