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This destination is a work of art

Ann’s Choice gallery wall displays resident artists’ artwork

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October 19th, 2018
This watercolor is a favorite of Rosalie Gallo because it borders on the abstract and is a departure from her usual style of more realistic work.

This watercolor is a favorite of Rosalie Gallo because it borders on the abstract and is a departure from her usual style of more realistic work.

At Ann’s Choice, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa., the long wall across from the art studio in Liberty Commons Clubhouse showcases a vibrant, creative art gallery.

It’s definitely a destination spot; passersby always slow down to look at the exhibits.

Featured artists might include Ann’s Choice community members or staff as well as other area artists.

Ann’s Choice neighbors Rosalie Gallo and Evelyn Weiss displayed work in a joint exhibit this summer.

Something magical

After forays into ballet and poetry during childhood and adolescence, as a teenager Evelyn discovered sketching, painting, watercolor, and oil.

“I took to art immediately,” she says.

She pursued her passion through the decades. But when Evelyn moved from north Philadelphia to Ann’s Choice ten years ago, she put away her art supplies to, as she says, “do something useful for others.” Aside from occasional sketching, she’s focused on knitting tiny caps for preemie babies at local hospitals.

Rosalie still follows her muse. She feels driven to paint.

“The subject doesn’t matter,” she says. “I like it all. I also love every medium.”

If forced to choose, however, landscapes and portraits would top Rosalie’s list of favorites. This autumn she started doing plein air painting on campus and has invited her artist neighbors to join her.

“Something magical happens when you’re out there,” she says. “The sun, the clouds, the trees…I want to put it all on canvas.”

Fertile ground

Rosalie and her husband moved this January from a large four-bedroom house in Huntington Valley to a light-filled Harrison-style corner apartment home at Ann’s Choice with two bedrooms and one bath. “We chose it for its huge windows because of my art,” she says.

Its second bedroom is her studio, and its living room affords art-inspiring sunset vistas.

At dinner one evening soon after their move, the Gallos shared a table in Fireside Restaurant with two community members they didn’t know.

Because Rosalie is a veteran exhibitor and has a large inventory of paintings, she asked the woman sitting next to her, Sherry Resnick, about the Ann’s Choice gallery. It turned out that Sherry, herself a photographer, co-curates it.

Ann’s Choice is fertile ground for artists to both pursue and show their art.

Display cases in the crafts studios showcase a wide range of creative work, including clay sculptures, fiber art, and wood carvings.

Campus clubs and special-interest groups led by talented resident artists foster hands-on art.

And the community’s maintenance-free living encourages people to create because it gives them time for the things that matter most to them.

Happy and content

Rosalie experienced that priceless benefit of living maintenance-free this summer. On one of the hottest days, the Gallos’ air conditioner stopped working. Did they sit around all day waiting for a maintenance person to show up? No.

“I called general services at 10 a.m.,” says Rosalie, “and by 1 p.m. we had a new unit. At the house, it could be a week before someone would even come out and check.

“Ann’s Choice is a wonderful place,” she adds. “I’m very happy, very content.”

Evelyn shares those sentiments. Before she moved, it sometimes seemed as if Evelyn’s house owned her instead of the other way around. The house always needed attention, so Evelyn’s freedom to do what she really wanted was limited.

Her son spurred her move when he told her that at Ann’s Choice her only concern would be to enjoy her life. He was right.

“Here I can do what I like,” Evelyn says.