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No time like the present

Ashby Ponds couple shares the secret to a perfectly timed move

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November 23rd, 2018
Moving to Ashby Ponds sooner than planned, Celso and Jane Gatchalian (pictured here by the Dolomite Mountains in Italy) now enjoy worry-free travel and the companionship of many new friends.

Moving to Ashby Ponds sooner than planned, Celso and Jane Gatchalian (pictured here by the Dolomite Mountains in Italy) now enjoy worry-free travel and the companionship of many new friends.

"Like many people, we thought we would live in our single-family home all of our lives,” says Jane Gatchalian. “But once my husband Celso and I visited Ashby Ponds last fall, everything changed. We knew this was where we were meant to live and once we knew that, we didn’t see any point in waiting.”

Less than four months later, the couple moved to the Erickson Living community in Ashburn, Va.

“Moving to Ashby Ponds is one of the best decisions we’ve made,” says Jane. “I tell my friends that Ashby Ponds is where retirement fun begins.”

First steps

After researching Ashby Ponds on the Erickson Living website, the Gatchalians scheduled an appointment with Sales Counselor Melissa Bates.

“Melissa is wonderful,” says Jane. “She was patient and kind and immediately made us feel comfortable. During our visit, she showed us the perfect apartment home for our lifestyle, the one-bedroom with den Newbury. We really liked the layout, location (in the new residence building, Birch Point), and view. It’s a corner unit with the view of the woods where we enjoy watching the sunset.”

With the decision to move complete, the Gatchalians turned to Elizabeth McCumiskey, Ashby Ponds’ personal moving consultant, for help with the logistics of moving quickly.

Powerful partnership

“Thanks to the help we received, our move to Ashby Ponds was very smooth,” says Jane. “That really surprised us both, considering the fact that we hadn’t planned to move for another few years.”

Visiting the couple in their Lorton house, McCumiskey provided a list of preferred vendors, all of whom have extensive experience helping people move to Ashby Ponds.

“Everyone we recommend is handpicked because of the high level of service they provide,” says McCumiskey.

“When I look back at it now, I can’t believe how much we accomplished in such a short time,” says Jane. “With the help of the preferred real estate agent, our house sold in four days, and we closed within a month. With the help of a senior move manager, we were able to downsize and pack in just one month. We are so thankful to Elizabeth for providing us with all the resources needed for every aspect of our move. We definitely recommend her to anyone moving to Ashby Ponds.”

In January, the Gatchalians officially moved to Ashby Ponds. Since that day, they’ve kept a busy schedule meeting friends and participating in many clubs and activities.

The world at their feet

“We didn’t know anyone at Ashby Ponds when we moved in, but we made a lot of friends right away,” says Jane. “Everyone, both residents and staff are so friendly and helpful. Our neighbors in Birch Point are like an extended family to us. We enjoy dinner and a building-wide party together once a month.”

No longer having to worry about maintaining a house or the uncertainty of the future, the Gatchalians spend their time traveling extensively. Last month, the couple embarked on a Danube River cruise with stops in Hungary, Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

“We have some long-distance trips planned for later this year, and it’s very comforting to know that everything is secure,” says Jane. “There are no worries about leaving a house unattended while we are away.”

In between their travels, the couple plays pickleball and bocce, participate in ballroom dancing, and visit the fitness center regularly.

“Exercise is very important to us,” says Jane. “We especially enjoy the Zumba and tai chi classes. We also enjoy walking throughout the Ashby Ponds campus. It is a beautiful and safe setting.”

The couple also regularly hosts their daughter Michelle, son-in-law Francis, and granddaughter Maya who live in nearby Falls Church.

“They are as excited about our move to Ashby Ponds as we are,” says Jane. “And we love that they visit often. We are very, very happy here.”