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Ways to make your last holiday in the house a memorable one

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November 5th, 2018

If you’re moving to a senior living community shortly after the holiday season, you may be tempted to host one last holiday celebration in the house. Here are some ways to make the occasion extra special.

Downsize with some dazzle

The holidays are a great time to give furnishings, jewelry, and family heirlooms you won’t be taking to your new home to loved ones. Consider packaging up small items in a gift box for each family member and presenting them at your holiday gathering. Adorn belongings that are too large to wrap (and that you’re sure your family members will want!) with a festive bow or gift tag.

Turn something old into something new

Your china service for eight may not have any takers, but that doesn’t mean it should be discarded. Talented artisans like Laura Beth Love ( can transform your vintage dishware into beautiful jewelry pieces you can present to family members. For other ways to creatively repurpose your old household items, browse websites like Etsy and Pinterest.

Share your secret recipes

Is your pot roast the hit of every potluck dinner? Do your grandkids beg you to bake your famous chocolate cake for every birthday celebration? If part of your retirement plan is to spend less time in the kitchen, why not pass along some of your most cherished recipes to your loved ones? Type or print them out with instructions. For fun, write “top secret” across the page so the recipe stays just between you and the recipient.

Tell some tales around the table

As you gather for your holiday meal, take time to celebrate the beginning of this new and exciting chapter by reflecting back on your life journey. Share stories about your childhood, early adult life, and important events that shaped who you are. Recording or videotaping your recollections will be treasured by your loved ones for years to come. Need help getting started? Suggested topics to cover in an oral family history are available at

Take a commemorative photo

Before your celebration ends, capture this special holiday event with a group family photo. Because the best gift you can give your loved ones isn’t another candle, shirt, or tie but something personal that will be priceless to them for years to come.