Make the move with an advocate in your corner

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December 13th, 2018
A personal moving consultant meets with an incoming Erickson Living community member in her home

When you have a professional moving advocate who can plan and coordinate all aspects of your move, the process itself becomes manageable and much less overwhelming.

Planning a move at any stage of life is stressful. You have to organize, pack, clean, load, transport, unpack, and reorganize all of your furniture and belongings—not to mention sell your house and buy a new one! As soon as you add the daunting task of downsizing to the mix, it’s no wonder people put off their move.

But what if you had someone to guide you through the process from start to finish—offering professional advice, connecting you with trusted real estate agents and vendors, and even supervising on moving day? That might sound too good to be true, but it’s real! What you’re looking for is a moving advocate.

Simplifies your life

A moving advocate makes your life easier and more stress-free. This professional brings a wealth of knowledge, resources, and experience to assist with your specific move. They should be able to tell you where you can donate unwanted belongings, recommend the most efficient and beneficial estate sale organizations to work with, and offer a list of top-selling prescreened real estate agents in your area. In short, they will know it all.

At Erickson Living communities, your moving advocate is called a personal moving consultant—just like me! We provide additional expertise on our specific community policies and practices to make your moving process even quicker and smoother.

From start to finish

Everyone’s timeline for moving is different. For some, they’ll be downsized and packed with their house on the market and sold in a matter of months or even weeks. But for others, the process can take years. A moving advocate is there to assist you from the first consultation to the last unpacked box in your new home—regardless of your schedule.

As a personal moving consultant at Seabrook, an Erickson Living retirement community in Tinton Falls, N.J., I help hundreds of families coordinate their moves from start to finish. After a future resident joins the risk-free priority list, they schedule a complimentary consultation where I visit their home and help create a personalized moving plan. Together we can discuss downsizing priorities, staging techniques, and selling concerns.

As soon as the future resident has selected their floor plan, I can measure furniture and more accurately map their space. This helps them visualize the space and decide what pieces, along with décor and other items, will make the move.

Then I can pair the future resident with preferred downsizing organizations, consignment shops, real estate agents, packers, and movers—among many other vendors—depending on their specific needs. Finally, when the big day arrives, I make sure everything is running smoothly from their old house to their new home on our beautiful campus.

Diving into the details

A successful move requires close attention to detail and advance preparation, which can prove exhausting, particularly when the timeline is more condensed. A comprehensive plan is essential, especially when it comes to downsizing—and a moving advocate can help you expertly manage that task, which to many seems massive and overwhelming.

Your moving advocate will first recommend a cleaning and organizing strategy that includes the closets, cabinets, garage, attic, and basement—as well as professionals to help execute that strategy, should you want or need them. They can also discuss the intricacies of staging and showing your home once it’s on the market, offering helpful suggestions to make your house look great and stand out.

Doing what works for you

Ultimately, your moving advocate will be working to make sure you feel supported and stress-free during an exciting, but often intimidating, transition. When you trust the expertise of a seasoned moving advocate or personal moving consultant, you can focus on your next chapter and enjoy a delightfully vibrant and worry-free retirement.