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Now, this is home

Woodland Park couple trades home maintenance, cooking for active, ‘friend-full’ lifestyle at Wind Crest

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December 19th, 2018
Roger and Joan Chenoweth chose Wind Crest for its location, financial structure, and amenities. As soon as they saw the Jameson apartment home, they decided to move sooner than later. Here they stand next to one of Roger’s hand-built model ships.

Roger and Joan Chenoweth chose Wind Crest for its location, financial structure, and amenities. As soon as they saw the Jameson apartment home, they decided to move sooner than later. Here they stand next to one of Roger’s hand-built model ships.

If you were to walk into the second bedroom of Roger and Joan Chenoweth’s apartment home at Wind Crest, in Highlands Ranch, Colo., you’d be walking into a shipyard. 

You see, Roger builds large-scale model ships—about 37 inches long, 27 inches high, and 14 inches wide. If that’s not impressive enough, he builds them inside glass bottles.

Roger has been doing this since he was 16 and wasn’t about to give up his hobby when they downsized from their house in Woodland Park to an apartment at the Erickson Living community.

That’s why, when the perfect floorplan for their needs became available in Longs Ridge, the newest building at the time, they sped up their plans to move by a few years.

The couple had watched the community progress from the day it broke ground in 2006. They visited twice over the years in addition to other retirement communities in Colorado Springs and came to the conclusion that Wind Crest’s location, financial structure, and amenities were the best fit.

Yet, “we hadn’t planned to move until Roger was 85,” says Joan.

That changed when they joined the priority list in 2017. When Sales Counselor Molly Thorne showed them the two remaining apartments in Longs Ridge, they did something very uncharacteristic of them—they made a decision on the spot. “It all went really quickly,” says Joan.

Their house sold by word of mouth within days, and with the help of Personal Moving Consultant Beth Brandenburg who helped them decide what to bring to their new home, they’ve never looked back.

“Even though we’ve gone back to Woodland Park, we say, ‘Nope, that’s not our home. This is our home,’” says Joan.

Ideal layout

The apartment Thorne showed them was a bright and charming Jameson—Wind Crest’s most popular two-bedroom model. It features an open living area with breakfast bar off the generous-sized kitchen, patio or balcony, full-sized washer and drier, and two full baths.

“We really like the layout of the Jameson,” says Joan. “It has a large master closet where we’ve put additional shelving, which makes it great for storing decorations and other things. There’s plenty of room, even as a medium-sized apartment, and has three large windows so it gets lots of light.”

The den (or “man cave” as Joan calls it) not only provides space for Roger to build his ships on a work table, it also holds a futon and large desk. “That’s why we wanted a two bedroom,” she says.

As a very active couple, they didn’t bother with a dining room table. Instead they take meals at the breakfast bar, where they have four bar stools, when they aren’t dining in one of Wind Crest’s six on-site restaurants—a huge draw for the Chenoweths. “We don’t really need a table because we usually eat out,” Joan says.

Above the stove a plaque reads “Kitchen Closed.”

“Anyone who visits knows I’m not cooking for them; we’re going to a restaurant,” Joan laughs.

More friends, better health

Dining on campus and participating in activities has enabled the Chenoweths to make more friends than they’ve ever had in one place.

“This is what we like about Wind Crest. Because of the variety of the restaurants, you’re not eating in the same place every day, and you’re meeting different people all the time,” says Joan.

As long-time walkers, they take advantage of the High Line Canal Trail which runs through campus, but they’ve also added group fitness to their routine for the first time. Five days a week, they take group exercise classes, from advanced aerobics and core training to yoga and balance. Two of those days they double up on classes.

All that activity has made a big difference on their health. “My cholesterol when we moved in was quite high,” says Joan, “and in less than a year it came down 50 points. We have wonderful personal trainers who do the classes. It’s incredible, and it’s for any level. You can be really good at exercise, or you can be like us and never have taken classes before.”

They also participate in Bible study, held conveniently in their building with neighbors, and Newbie Buddies, a meet-and-greet group to foster friendships and help acclimate new neighbors in Wind Crest’s newest building, Mt. Rosa Court.

Roger has joined the woodworking group, which has its own well-stocked shop on campus and fits his interests perfectly. One thing he’s not doing is caring for their former half-acre yard—or any yard for that manner. That’s all covered in Wind Crest’s maintenance-free lifestyle.

“They have a lot of activities for any interest,” says Joan. “We have a lot of friends, and we absolutely love it.”