See your computer more clearly

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January 23rd, 2019
A woman wearing glasses smiles at something on her computer.

These tips are great for anyone who would like a better view of their screen.

Using your computer for any length of time can cause discomfort or eye strain. Symptoms of eye strain can include blurred vision, dryness, redness, headaches, and in some instances, double vision.

If you notice these types of problems, first see an eye care specialist for a full exam (you should do this every year, regardless). In addition, some modifications may help:

Reduce glare. Outside or inside light could be shining on your screen. Close shades, put dimmers on inside lights, or buy a moveable lamp. Glare filters are also available to put on your screen.

Reorganize your desk. Your monitor should be positioned slightly below eye level. Experts recommend that it should be 20 to 28 inches from your face.

Take breaks. Look away from your computer every 20 minutes or so and blink often.

Adjust your computer’s settings. You can adjust brightness, font size, and contrast to make it more comfortable to view.

Computer glasses (sometimes called computer reading glasses) are also available as an aid. These glasses have about 60% of the magnifying power of standard reading glasses, so they provide the best lens power for seeing your screen clearly with a wide viewing field and less effort trying to focus. Ask your eye doctor about a prescription for these glasses, and because these glasses need to be individualized for your vision, don’t randomly buy a nonprescription pair in the store without consulting an eye care professional.