Southward migration

New Hampshire residents choose Brooksby for vibrant retirement living

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January 7th, 2019
(Left) Jim and Judi Palleschi, Anne Marchand, and Jeanne Salmon all moved to Brooksby from Hampton Meadows in Hampton, N. H. Pauline and Paul Wood (right) are on the priority list at Brooksby, waiting for their preferred floorplan to be available.

(Left) Jim and Judi Palleschi, Anne Marchand, and Jeanne Salmon all moved to Brooksby from Hampton Meadows in Hampton, N. H. Pauline and Paul Wood (right) are on the priority list at Brooksby, waiting for their preferred floorplan to be available.

There’s been a steady trickle of New Hampshire residents moving to Brooksby Village, the Erickson Living community in Peabody, Mass., over the past year, and they’re all neighbors trading one zip code for another.

Hampton Meadows is a community of detached condominium homes in Hampton, N.H. Anne Marchand was the first Hampton Meadows resident to sell her condo and head south to Massachusetts. She moved to Brooksby in January 2018.

“I looked at several retirement communities in New England but ultimately chose Brooksby because of its proximity to my daughter and its on-site amenities,” says Anne, who retired in July 2017 from her position as a legal assistant for the Town of Hampton. “The swimming pool, restaurants, and shuttle service were all key factors in my decision to move to Brooksby.”

Well-positioned for the future

In July 2018, Anne’s friends and neighbors Jim and Judi Palleschi sold their Hampton Meadows condominium and moved into a two-bedroom, two-bath Jackson-style apartment at Brooksby Village, incidentally, the same floor plan Anne chose.

“When we joined Brooksby’s priority list, we gave the sales team a list of four to five floor plans of interest to us,” says Jim, an engineer who worked for GTE [now Verizon]. “When we walked into the Jackson, it didn’t take us five minutes to tell them we’d take it. We love the corner location with views on two sides, allowing lots of natural light into the apartment.”

The couple relied on Anne’s recent experience as they made plans for their move.

“We added a backsplash in the kitchen on Anne’s advice, and it proved to be a great suggestion,” says Judi, a retired teacher. “It was so nice to have someone to call who’d just gone through the same process.”

Jim and Judi’s move was prompted by practical considerations.

“I cared for both my mother and father at different times, and I know firsthand how difficult it can be when you’re trying to work and raise children,” says Judi. “We didn’t want that to be the case for our children, should we ever need additional care. Brooksby has continuing care options right here at the community, so we feel we’re putting ourselves in the best possible position for the future.”

Secure, maintenance-free lifestyle

Jeanne Salmon moved from Hampton Meadows to Brooksby in September 2018, opting for a one-bedroom Georgetown-style apartment with a den.

“My husband passed away unexpectedly in August 2017, and I didn’t think about moving at the time,” says Jeanne, a retired nurse. “As months went by, I realized I didn’t need as much space. I had friends and neighbors moving to Brooksby, and that’s when I started to consider it for myself.”

Like the others, Jeanne says Brooksby’s lifestyle affords her peace of mind knowing that she’s safe and in an environment where everything she needs is right on campus.

“The general services department takes care of everything,” says Jeanne. “I don’t have to worry about finding a repairman if one of my appliances goes out. I just call down to the front desk and someone’s at my door within minutes.”

“Secure—that’s the word I’d choose,” says Anne. “I feel safe here, knowing that help is available 24 hours a day if I need it.”

Jim and Judi say convenience tops their list of community perks.

“I work out in the fitness center five days a week, and it’s an easy walk from our apartment,” says Jim.

Judi appreciates Brooksby’s medical center staffed by full-time physicians.

“Where else can you get same-day appointments with your doctor, get your lab work done on-site, and get the results immediately?” asks Judi. “It’s much easier than chasing around to different locations and waiting for a doctor to call you back.”

More to come

The southward flow of Hampton Meadows residents doesn’t appear to be drying up. Paul and Pauline Wood plan to move to Brooksby as soon as their preferred floor plan, a two-bedroom Lancaster-style apartment, becomes available.

In October 2018, Paul and Pauline enjoyed an overnight stay at Brooksby as part of a Live the Life experience, which allows prospective residents to stay in a guest suite, enjoy meals with community members, and participate in activities of interest to them.

During Paul and Pauline’s Live the Life stay, they met up with their friends and former neighbors from Hampton Meadows to get an insider’s scoop about life at Brooksby.

“You can be as active as you’d like,” says Anne, who tends her vegetable garden and volunteers in the library and the Treasure Chest, the community’s resale shop. “That’s the beauty of Brooksby. You can pick and choose what interests you.”

The others nod, adding their own experiences to corroborate Anne’s view.

“I’m not a joiner,” says Judi. “I tend to be more quiet, but that’s the good thing about Brooksby. I don’t feel like an oddball. There are more than 100 clubs to join, but you don’t have to join a thing if you don’t feel the need.”

Jeanne says she’s found her niche outdoors.

“I walk the Danvers Rail Trail every day,” says Jeanne. “There’s a gate on one end of Brooksby’s campus that leads directly onto the trail. It’s a nice way to get outside and get some fresh air.”

A community of friends

As they consider their own future at Brooksby, Paul and Pauline are drawn to the community’s ecumenical offerings.

“I’m active in our current church, and I’m excited about all the opportunities to get involved at Brooksby once we move,” says Paul, who’s already met with Linda McKenzie, one of Brooksby’s pastoral associates. “The chapel in the McIntosh Clubhouse is beautiful.”

Paul and Pauline agree that having former neighbors nearby will be an added bonus.

“It’ll be nice to have people to call if I have questions,” says Pauline. “I’m glad we already have friends living at Brooksby.”