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Being proactive

Couple uses past experience with parents to make their own retirement decisions

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February 21st, 2019
Pioneer resident Kathryne Sanders says she and her husband Rob chose Windsor Run so they could both enjoy an active retirement lifestyle on their own terms.

Pioneer resident Kathryne Sanders says she and her husband Rob chose Windsor Run so they could both enjoy an active retirement lifestyle on their own terms.

Windsor Run pioneer residents Kathryne and James “Rob” Sanders understand the importance of informed decision-making. When it came to their decision to move to Windsor Run, an Erickson Living community in Matthews, N.C., the couple wished for an active retirement lifestyle, one that they chose on their own terms.

“Twenty years ago, my father died unexpectedly, leaving my mother who needed care I was unable to provide,” says Kathryne. “I lived over 400 miles away, and because she was unable to live on her own, I had to make tough decisions on her behalf. Those decisions included the one to move my mother to an assisted living community. It was a difficult time for everyone involved. As a result, Rob and I told our children that we would never make them go through a similar situation. We wanted to make these important decisions for ourselves.”

Rob’s experience with his mother was a completely different story. While still in her 60s she chose to move to an independent living retirement community in Kentucky.

“We watched her thrive while my mother struggled coming to terms with decisions she did not make herself,” says Kathryne.

A series of fortunate events

For the last 30 years, the Sanders lived in a single-family house only four miles from Windsor Run.

“We love this area,” says Kathryne. “When construction on Windsor Run began, I was retired but Rob was still working. We agreed to research the community and explore our options.”

The couple started by scheduling an appointment at the sales center and began visiting the soon-to-be community on a regular basis. They also encouraged their two children to join them on their visits and involve themselves in the process, to whatever extent they wished.

“We were extremely fortunate to live so close,” says Kathryne. “We joined the priority list and attended every event we could. We met Erickson Living’s chief medical officer when he visited, we helped plan the future dining menus, and we met with members of the executive team. We also attended the downsizing seminars and the meet and greets with other future residents. We met a lot of people that way. It was fantastic. We had a network of people ready to reconnect with as soon as we moved in.”

As members of Windsor Run’s priority list, the Sanders chose their apartment home floor plan—the large, two-bedroom, two-bath with porch Thurmont.

“We love the screened-in porch and the open concept living area,” says Kathryne. “It’s great for growing flowers, and since we are on the first floor, we can walk right outside.”

Stress-free moving

The couple also enlisted the aid of Windsor Run’s personal moving consultant for help selling their home and moving.

“When my father died, I was faced with the huge chore of cleaning out my parents’ house,” says Kathryne. “There was so much stuff to go through I was unsure where to begin. Our move to Windsor Run was much, much different.”

With the help of the personal moving consultant, the Sanders connected with a move manager who took care of the day-to-day intricacies of the moving process, including coordinating the move of certain items to their children’s homes in Virginia and Georgia.

“The entire process went more smoothly than I ever could have imagined,” says Kathryne. “We took advantage of anything and everything Windsor Run provided to help us with our move. Up until it was offered we had never heard of move management. It just wasn’t a thing when we last moved 31 years ago. But what a blessing it is!”

Fun times ahead

Since their move last July, the Sanders keep up with a busy calendar of activities that includes serving as community ambassadors, sharing their experience with others interested in moving to Windsor Run.

“We are very happy and our kids are very happy,” says Kathryne. “This is the way it should be. My daughter Pam came down to visit us from Virginia and stayed in the Windsor Run guest suite. She said, ‘Mom, you’re living in a resort.’ Years ago our children witnessed what I went through with my mom; they are both so pleased that history will not repeat itself.”

When not meeting with prospective residents, Kathryne enjoys meeting new friends at dinner or playing bridge. Rob regularly works out in Windsor Run’s indoor pool and recently organized the community woodshop. He’s also a member of the technology committee.

“We find it fascinating to be a part of a community from its very beginning,” says Kathryne. “We are both very happy to call Windsor Run home and look forward to watching it continue to evolve and grow. And most importantly, we made this important decision for ourselves. And that means the world.”