Why wait?

Easton couple chooses community living for their vibrant retirement

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April 29th, 2019
Maureen and Mike Glynn wanted to move to Linden Ponds sooner rather than later so they could enjoy everything the community has to offer while they are young and healthy.

Maureen and Mike Glynn wanted to move to Linden Ponds sooner rather than later so they could enjoy everything the community has to offer while they are young and healthy.

Maureen and Mike Glynn are only in their early 70s, and while they might be considered relatively young to move to a retirement community, they decided that was absolutely the right decision for them. About a year ago, they sold the Easton, Mass., house where they raised their children and lived for 46 years and moved to Linden Ponds

“We are healthy, but we wanted to make the move now because we had family and friends who waited until the proverbial other shoe dropped, like one spouse getting ill,” Maureen says. “We wanted to make the move while we were young and healthy and could enjoy ourselves.”

They explored options in the area and attended several luncheons at Linden Ponds. They liked what they saw.

“We decided to look at other places and, to be honest, none could touch Linden Ponds—not only with the wonderful activities but also the medical aspect,” Maureen says. “Say my husband got ill; [Linden Ponds has the continuing care neighborhood], and some of the other places we looked at didn’t have that.”

Even though the Glynns do not need any rehabilitation or assisted living services, which are available on site in the continuing care neighborhood, Maureen says having a medical center right there has made managing their health very convenient.

“I’ve gotten sick a couple of times, and it’s been so nice to call the medical center, make an appointment, and be seen right away.”

Preparing for their move

The Glynns say the process of moving to Linden Ponds was relatively easy, even though they had lived in their house for many years. By attending special events at Linden Ponds prior to their move, they gained valuable insights about preparing their house for sale.

“At one of the meetings, they talked about if your septic tank needed to be redone, you should do it right away,” Maureen recalls. “I was going to wait, so that was enormously helpful because we had never sold a house. Each meeting we attended, we learned something new.”

As future Linden Ponds residents, Mike and Maureen had access to Erickson Realty and Moving Services, a special program that offers complimentary coordination of all realty and moving needs, including downsizing, home staging, packing, and selecting a real estate professional. They worked directly with Linden Ponds Personal Moving Consultant Lynne Ford, who connected them with an experienced real estate agent and a trustworthy moving company.

Ford also came to their house and measured all of the furniture they wanted to bring to Linden Ponds in order to design a floor plan to find the ideal spot for each piece. Downsizing was easy for the Glynns because the people who bought their house wanted to keep some of the furniture.

“A young couple with four children bought our house, and we left them the dining table and porch furniture. They said they could also use my bureau and Mike’s chest of drawers,” Maureen says. “That was wonderful that this young couple could use our things, and the only things we had to buy were new TV stands.”

At Linden Ponds, the Glynns chose a Newberry-style apartment home, which has one bedroom, a den, and one and a half bathrooms. Maureen says it is the perfect amount of space for their current lifestyle, and they even have enough room to host guests. When Maureen’s sister recently came to visit, they simply called general services to arrange for an extra bed to be placed in their den, turning it into a guest room for a few days.

“It’s absolutely perfect for us. We were walking around the last few years in our house with all these rooms nobody used,” Maureen says. “I didn’t want two bedrooms here because I said we’re going to run into the same issue again.”

Never a dull moment

The Glynns’ apartment home is in Willard Square, Linden Ponds’ ninth and newest residence building. With 104 brand-new apartment homes, Willard Square first opened its doors in April 2018, which means most of the people who live in the building are relatively new to Linden Ponds, eager to meet their neighbors and form friendships. Maureen says that has made connecting with fellow residents very easy.

“We now have monthly dinners with the people from the second floor where we live,” she says. “We’re always hooking up with folks in the dining room, and everyone is so friendly.”

One of the things that attracted Maureen and Mike to Linden Ponds was the many leisure activities available to community members. With more than 100 resident-run clubs and committees, ranging from photography to politics to Pilates, there is truly something for everyone. In addition, there are all kinds of special events, like parties, guest lectures, and live performances right on campus, so there’s really never a dull moment.

Mike has joined the resident chorus and gone to some men’s discussion groups. Maureen is involved with the resident-run library and hopes to take advantage of some of the group exercise classes, such as water fitness, in the near future.

“We are delighted to be here,” Maureen says.

When people move to Linden Ponds, the positive effects tend to extend to their children as well. Adult children derive a lot of peace of mind knowing that their parents are living at a place where they can be secure and happy, and Maureen says that is definitely the case for her and Mike’s children.

“We have a son and daughter in the area, and those two children are beside themselves with happiness we are here,” Maureen says. “They call Linden Ponds a cruise ship on land.”