More than a partner—a friend

Wilda Tyler praises Windsor Run’s personal moving consultant for her expert guidance and friendship

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May 28th, 2019
Wilda Tyler credits Windsor Run Personal Moving Consultant Amanda Bates for a stress-free move to the community. “Amanda is a trusted friend,” she says. “I can’t thank her enough.”

Wilda Tyler credits Windsor Run Personal Moving Consultant Amanda Bates for a stress-free move to the community. “Amanda is a trusted friend,” she says. “I can’t thank her enough.”

“You never know what life has in store for you,” says Wilda Tyler. “I always thought I would move to a retirement community with my husband. However, after he passed away it was a decision I had to make for myself.” 

After attending several open house events, luncheons, and tours, Wilda decided her future was at Windsor Run, an Erickson Living community in Matthews, N.C.

“Each visit illustrated to me just how homey, comfortable, and friendly the community is at Windsor Run,” she says. “My two children also visited and agreed that this was the perfect place for me.”

Choices, choices

With the decision to move complete, Wilda turned her attention to choosing an apartment home.

“I couldn’t make up my mind; there were so many wonderful options,” she says. 

That’s when Windsor Run Personal Moving Consultant Amanda Bates came into the picture, leaving a lasting impact on Wilda’s important move.

“I like to visit future community members in their current homes to get a feel for their unique style and personality,” says Bates. “It also provides me with a terrific opportunity to initiate the discussion on what items and furniture they’d like to move with them to their new home.”

During her visit with Wilda, the two women discussed how Wilda’s furniture would be placed in each floor plan she selected.

“Amanda has a board where you can move around the pieces of furniture to help you see how it is all going to fit,” says Wilda. “It became instantly clear that the [two-bedroom, two-bath] Millbrook was the perfect choice.”

But Bates’s help did not end there. As a personal moving consultant, she shared with Wilda her preferred list of vetted real estate agents, downsizing experts, packers, and movers, all of whom have experience moving people to Windsor Run.

Trusted partner

But even more importantly, she became Wilda’s trusted partner in the moving process.

“I absolutely recommend Amanda to anyone planning their move to Windsor Run,” says Wilda. “She is not just helpful, she is a friend throughout the process.”

When it came time to sell her home, Bates helped Wilda select a recommended real estate agent knowledgeable with the local real estate market.

“That really worked out well,” says Wilda. “My condo sold before it even listed. I am so fortunate. The last house I sold went to signing three times before ultimately working out.”

Wilda also turned to the packers and moving company Bates suggested.

“Amanda’s guidance removed so much stress from the entire process,” says Wilda. “She was there for me through it all. And now I’m so fortunate that, since my move, I can see her all the time.”

Wilda moved this past February and is busy meeting new friends and enjoying the many opportunities available to her at Windsor Run. 

“My daughter and granddaughter live nearby and often join me for meals,” she says. “And both my children are relieved that I have downsized, so they won’t need to do it for me, but, most importantly, that I am happy and safe. I am very pleased with my life and excited to see what the future holds.”