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Windsor Run’s firm financial footing means more options

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June 19th, 2019
Photographed here, Windsor Run celebrated its one-year anniversary this past May with a day of activities highlighting a year of growth and friendship for community members and employees.

Windsor Run celebrated its one-year anniversary this past May with a day of activities highlighting a year of growth and friendship for community members and employees.

Windsor Run, an Erickson Living community in Matthews, N.C., known for its industry-leading, 90% refundable entrance deposit, is pleased to announce the introduction of a second financial option—the nonrefundable entrance deposit.

“We are pleased to announce this new, financial option for our incoming community members,” says Theresa Palladino, Windsor Run’s director of finance. “It is because of our financial strength that we are able to offer this nonrefundable plan, which amortizes over four years. This option allows our incoming residents the opportunity to put down a smaller amount of money. And, just like our industry-leading 90% refundable entrance deposit option, the nonrefundable option will include our comprehensive monthly service package.” (Full details can be found in Windsor Run’s Residence and Care Agreement.)

Financial strength and security are the cornerstones of Erickson Living’s financial model. Erickson Living residents—like those at Windsor Run—can balance their budgets with confidence, knowing with certainty, that no matter what the financial future holds, their investment is safe and their future is secure. In fact, many community members find that they enjoy an unbeatable lifestyle while spending either the same or less than they did in their previous houses.

“Using our home sale funds to move to Windsor Run allowed us to use that money for a richer, safer, and more comfortable lifestyle in retirement,” says Maureen Hlavacek, who moved last year to the community with her husband Ron Pluim. “At Windsor Run we have the financial value of many more amenities and services, such as on-site dining and security staff trained in emergency response, than we would have staying in our home or in a regular apartment or condo.”

Let the numbers do the talking

In addition to providing financial security in the form of both the 90% and the nonrefundable entrance deposits, moving to Windsor Run includes the many benefits of the monthly service package.

The monthly service package covers the costs of all utilities, all major repairs, 24-hour security, a flexible dining plan, secure Wi-Fi, and cable television. In addition, the monthly service package covers several amenities and services not available when living in a house, such as home and seasonal maintenance, professional landscaping, pest control, trash collection, yard care, health and fitness facilities, homeowner’s insurance, and property taxes.

“Just arranging for these services and paying the bills for all these things in our home or at other facilities cost more and took a lot of our time that we can now spend on things we enjoy,” says Maureen. “The monthly service package takes the worry and work out of financial management of our daily lives. We know what our monthly fee for the year is without having to worry about unanticipated home maintenance costs.”

Doing their homework

Prior to moving to Windsor Run, Maureen and Ron diligently did their homework, ensuring that they reached a decision that made the most sense for them financially. As a result, the couple determined that not only was moving to Windsor Run a financially smart decision, doing so sooner rather than later held additional benefits.

“Our house was close to that 15- to 20-year [timeframe] where major maintenance expenditures become necessary,” says Maureen. “In fact, the year before we moved, both of our well motors quit working, and it was an unexpected expense of approximately $10,000 to replace them. We knew that increasing home maintenance and repair expenses would have continued to use up our savings at a growing rate.

“We also knew that by choosing to move to a senior community before health issues required us to, we could select a time when the housing market was good enabling us to get best value for the sale of our home,” she adds. “I haven’t met anyone who has moved to a senior community and wished they hadn’t. As many residents say, ‘I wish I had moved sooner, when I was physically more able to take advantage of all the activities, exercise programs, and events.’”

Fact-finding mission

Since the introduction of the nonrefundable entrance deposit, the Windsor Run sales office is busy each day meeting with people interested in learning more about their financial options. 

“Our goal is to ensure that everyone wishing to move to Windsor Run is able to do so in a way that makes the most sense to them financially,” says Senior Sales Associate Mindi Thinnes. “I encourage anyone in the midst of the decision-making process to make an appointment to learn more and ask their important questions.” 

“I have extended family members who are lonely in their homes and have had some at-risk medical situations, but they’re not willing to consider a senior community because they’re worried about the cost,” says Maureen. “Yet if they did a financial cost comparison between maintaining their home and the cost of [living at Windsor Run], they would likely find it the same or less expensive.”