‘A new way to live well’

Devonshire inspires this couple to trade their nomadic ways for resort-style living

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June 25th, 2019
Recently celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, Artie and Margy Lynnworth are thrilled with their new life at Devonshire.

Recently celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, Artie and Margy Lynnworth are thrilled with their new life at Devonshire.

“You can be five years too early, but you don’t want to be five minutes too late,” says Artie Lynnworth, referring to his move last August with his wife Margy to Devonshire, the Erickson Living community at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

Both the couple’s parents had lived at a continuing care retirement community and knew that some day they would like to do the same. 

“We began the process last April, embarking on what we thought was a research project,” says Artie. “We chose 11 communities to visit with the hopes of learning more about what is available and the costs involved. However, we did not have any plans to move in the short term. We were just looking.”

That quickly changed as the couple began visiting the various communities. 

“We started asking ourselves, ‘Why wait?’” says Artie. “We went from casual lookers to eager and serious seekers of a new way to live well.”

“While comparing nearly a dozen senior living locations throughout Florida, Devonshire became the clear leader,” says Margy. “Nothing else compared.”

Adventure seekers

For the first ten years of the couple’s retirement, they enjoyed a nomadic lifestyle, escaping winter by traveling every three months between their home in Fernandina Beach, Fla., an apartment condo in Nashua, N.H., and a beach home in Chile.

“Last March we decided to re-evaluate our life plans and consider when to reduce our travels,”’ says Artie. “After several weeks of Internet research, phone calls, and studying brochures, we created a two-week, 440-mile plan to visit 11 Florida communities.”

Visiting each community, the Lynnworths’ carried a list of 24 questions.

“We wanted to be sure to compare apples to apples,” says Margy. 

Nearing the end of their two-week sojourn, the couple arrived at Devonshire in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.  

“We were immediately impressed,” says Margy. “It was not one thing; it was everything.”

“We looked at each other and said, ‘Everything is coming up roses here,’” says Artie. “Other places we looked at didn’t have the cozy feel, from the immaculate lobby to the welcoming library and the five unique restaurants. We also noticed the smiles on the faces of both community members and staff, and the entire PGA National neighborhood is beautiful.”

Down to business

Impressed with what they saw, Artie and Margy continued their due diligence, meeting with the sales team and asking their well-thought out questions.

“One thing that is important to us is hurricane preparedness,” says Artie. “At our home in northern Florida, we experienced an evacuation due to a hurricane. At Devonshire, we were told that they are an evacuate to site and not an evacuate from site. This community is built like a bunker. We learned that during the most recent hurricane, staff and their families came to Devonshire to stay safe. We thought that was wonderful.”

“We knew Devonshire was where we were meant to live,” says Margy.

However, the couple still had two more communities on their list. 

“We felt obligated to keep our commitments and visit,” says Artie. “But doing so only reconfirmed our feelings for Devonshire.”

Two days later, the Lynnworths were back at Devonshire reserving their future home.

Moving forward

As the couple prepared both their Florida and New Hampshire homes for sale, they returned to Devonshire to elicit help downsizing and preparing their new home for their arrival.

“We worked with Devonshire’s design team to select paint colors and flooring,” says Artie. “We also received help from a transition company with downsizing and organizing our move.”  

During their visit, Artie and Margy stayed in one of Devonshire’s guest suites and began meeting the people who would soon be their neighbors, enjoying dinner with community members on two separate occasions. 

“I continue to be struck by the amazing caliber of our neighbors,” says Artie. “We’ve met so many fascinating new friends with remarkable stories and backgrounds.”

New life begins

Last August, the couple moved into their Devonshire home and couldn’t be happier. Just one week after their arrival, they hosted a family reunion in the private dining room.

“For most of our adult life, we have not lived near family,” says Artie. “Now we are near seven cousins. It’s an added blessing in our new life.”

And this past winter, the couple once again traveled to Chile for the holidays.

“We had a wonderful time as usual,” says Artie. “But for the first time ever, we found ourselves looking forward to coming back home. Devonshire is a wonderful home. It’s like living at a five-star resort or on a cruise ship that never leaves port. We are very, very happy.”