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Linda Clem has found her happy place at Wind Crest

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June 19th, 2019
Linda Clem moved to Wind Crest from Keystone, Colo., and is pictured here in the luxurious two-bedroom, two-bath Walton-style apartment home she chose.

Linda Clem moved to Wind Crest from Keystone, Colo., and is pictured here in the luxurious two-bedroom, two-bath Walton-style apartment home she chose. 

"Wind Crest is a good balance between couples and singles,” says Linda Clem, who moved to the Highlands Ranch, Colo., Erickson Living community as a new widow from Keystone. She says the community nurtures and empowers everyone who lives there, regardless of their marital status or age—an important factor, which studies show positively correlates to health and longevity. 

“Several research studies have shown a strong correlation between social interaction and health and well-being among older adults and have suggested that social isolation may have significant adverse effects for older adults,” states the National Institute on Aging. 

‘A happy place to live’

For Linda, having social interaction just outside her front door instead of miles from her mountain home in Keystone has not only provided appropriate support for her as a new widow but also empowered her to grow as an individual, embracing her own talents and passions and making new friends. 

Since moving to Wind Crest, she has cofounded a film club, does yoga and works with a personal trainer, participates in the book club, takes Lifelong Learning classes on a variety of topics, and travels off campus with a group of neighbors to see plays and concerts. 

Once a month, about 20 former Summit County residents meet for dinner in the private dining room at Windows Restaurant on campus. “We do little party favors. Someone did a Christmas thing. I did cupcakes,” she says, smiling, her happiness evident.

“You’re meeting new people all the time, and I feel very lucky to have this nucleus of friends that came with me,” she adds. “I think that is what Wind Crest is about. It’s a really happy place to live. You cannot walk down the hall without people saying hello and making eye contact. It’s astounding. It’s such an amazing place to be. I feel safe here. I feel content. I feel surrounded by people who care about me. And that’s huge.”

Now, after years of being a caregiver for her husband, she’s able to entertain again. “I hadn’t entertained in years because Mike was not well, but I love to. I’ve done more entertaining here than the last seven years in my house.”

She hosts dinner parties and happy hours for a group of about ten other former Keystone neighbors who all moved to Wind Crest around the same time. 

“My apartment is a great place for entertaining,” she says of her luxury two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath Walton-style apartment home with den, utility room, and balcony. “I was ready to make my own little nest and make it everything I wanted it to be.”

Building her nest

Linda worked with Leanne Stark in Wind Crest’s Custom Interiors department to personalize her nest. She chose warm tones for her cabinets and flooring accented by pops of color in her décor, like her striking blue leather sofas. She also opted to upgrade her pantry and master bedroom shelving with custom drawers and shelves for additional storage and organization. 

“You can do so many things, and they give you some good choices; they were more than adequate,” she says.

Among the largest and most luxurious homes at Wind Crest, the Walton features two living areas, an expanded private balcony, and a large open kitchen.

Linda worked with Personal Moving Consultant Beth Brandenburg to plan the furniture layout in her new home and decide what she would bring, what she would donate or recycle, and what she would need. At 1,997 square feet, the Walton enabled Linda to bring all the furniture from her mountain house except her coffee table and end tables, which were too large. She also purchased den furniture and bar stools to fit her new space. 

“It was an amazing transition because Wind Crest helps you with everything,” she says. In addition to Brandenburg’s complimentary services, Linda utilized one of Brandenburg’s suggested vendors, Seniors on the Move, who packed and unpacked her belongings. “They unpacked according to the way I had things set up in my house,” she says.

Each Erickson Living community has its own local personal moving consultant who provides complimentary coordination of all realty and moving needs, including downsizing, home staging, packing, and selection of a real estate professional.

The time is now

Now that she’s settled, Linda can take advantage of all the amenities and services designed to reduce stress and open up more free time so community members can do things they enjoy. 

“There’s nothing that they haven’t covered,” she says. 

Linda particularly appreciates the on-site medical center staffed with full-time physicians and visiting specialists. “I think almost everyone who lives at an Erickson Living community would agree the peace of mind we have here with progressive care is one of the main motivators for moving here. Wind Crest provides not only same-day doctor’s appointments, but if a medical condition escalates, they provide all kinds of intermediary care. If your health needs change or rehabilitation is needed, Mill Vista Lodge, our continuing care community, is here on campus.”

With that in mind, Linda shares that her kids tell her, “This is the best gift you could have given us.”

“I encourage people to move here when you’re young, before there’s a crisis. When it’s done, it feels so good.”