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Windsor Run celebrates its first year

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July 22nd, 2019
Windsor Run pioneer residents Janet and Ray Malarkey say they’re already gathering wonderful memories from their first year in their new community.

Windsor Run pioneer residents Janet and Ray Malarkey say they’re already gathering wonderful memories from their first year in their new community.  

Each day for the last year, community members at Windsor Run fulfilled the Erickson Living community’s motto, “We share our gifts to create a community that celebrates life.” Recently, residents and staff celebrated the life they helped create with a day of festivities in honor of the community’s one-year anniversary. 

The festivities included a morning walk around the campus for community members and employees, a cookout with entertainment by musician Jim Terrell, and a mid-afternoon cake-cutting. The culinary professionals of Windsor Run prepared special menus that featured favorites such as pulled pork barbecue and grilled chicken for lunch and prime rib and stuffed chicken breasts for dinner. Residents danced the evening away with local entertainer Jim Ruth.

“Our pioneer residents and employees laid the foundation for Windsor Run to blossom into a caring, mission-oriented community serving seniors in the Charlotte area,” says Windsor Run Executive Director George Comfort.  “In the years to come, we will continue to welcome new residents and staff members, but we will always owe these pioneers our gratitude.”

“I couldn’t be happier with my decision to move to Windsor Run,” says Sherry Herion, who has the distinction of being the very first person to move to the community on opening day, May 10, 2018. “As I walked up to the front doors, I was greeted by George. He said, ‘Welcome home.’ It was a moment I will never forget. Windsor Run is truly my home in every way. Everyone is so special here. We’ve all become a family. We are here for each other and take care of each other.”

Exceeding expectations

Like Sherry, Janet and Raymond “Ray” Malarkey are among the community’s pioneer residents, moving to their new home at Windsor Run last July.

“I believe our move was the best decision for us,” says Janet. “It has been a wonderful experience, surpassing what we expected. I would tell anyone considering a move not to hesitate.”

Since their move, the Malarkeys have been
enjoying gardening, knitting, the Stretch and Flex classes offered at the fitness center, balance classes, the walking group, and playing bunco.

“Our favorite memories from last year include the Windsor Run Christmas party, getting together with the children from nearby St. Gabriel’s church, all the entertainment performances on campus, and the recent anniversary party. And we also love just sitting on our balcony and enjoying our new home,” says Janet.

The Malarkeys’ neighbors Rob and Kathryne Sanders also enjoy living life to the fullest since their move last June.

“My husband Rob and I find it fascinating to be a part of a community from its very beginning,” says Kathryne. “We are both very happy to call Windsor Run home and look forward to watching it continue to evolve and grow.”

Community of friends

It’s the people who make Windsor Run an enviable and sought-after community.

“What strikes me the most, and anyone who has visited, is the engaging and energized people who make Windsor Run a true community,” says Comfort. “In just one, short year, our residents have organized dozens of clubs and activities, dazzled us by showcasing their talents, and graciously volunteered their time and energy both on our campus and within the local community.”

“We’ve found it very easy to meet new friends especially at dinner or through our various activities,” says Janet. “People are very friendly here. I believe it is one of Windsor Run’s greatest assets.”

Neighbor Bob Mack agrees. “While the facility and amenities are nice, it is the people, both residents and staff, who truly make Windsor Run what it is and what it will be,” he says. “Since my wife Lynne and I moved last June, we’ve been reacquainted with a few folks from the last time we lived in Matthews, 22 years ago and easily made new friends. And the staff is wonderful. They are an integral part of our community. We are particularly impressed with the student server program.”

Growing by leaps and bounds

And it’s this desire to enjoy an enviable lifestyle surrounded by wonderful, friendly people that keeps demand high. This past June, in response to demand, Windsor Run opened its third residence building, Beech Hollow. In addition, construction begins next year on the community’s continuing care neighborhood.

“Last May, we made the commitment to serve our residents in a way that brings life to all who pass through our doors, one experience at a time,” says Comfort. “Since then, it has been rewarding to form new relationships, inspire each other, and create the lifestyle that we envisioned together. I am proud of everyone who has made Windsor Run a great place to live and work in our inaugural year.”