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Proactive health and wellness make Siena Lakes a perfect fit for Blue-Zoned Naples

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August 22nd, 2019
Two older adults and a young child take a walk on a beautiful Florida beach.

The Blue Zone Project’s goal of helping communities make healthier choices will find a willing and experienced advocate with Siena Lakes.

With exceptional weather and myriad outdoor activities year-round, it’s no wonder Naples, Fla., is part of the Blue Zone Project of Southwest Florida, an initiative to help communities make healthier choices more easily. 

With a plethora of golf, tennis, pickleball, and pristine Gulf beaches, North Naples has all the ingredients needed for a healthy and vibrant retirement. And it’s about to get even better. 

Siena Lakes, the Erickson Senior Living community coming to North Naples, recently broke ground at its location on Orange Blossom Drive, just east of Airport Pulling Road. Erickson Senior Living is renowned for its vibrant, active living retirement communities that take a proactive approach to health and wellness. 

Fun with fitness

Siena Lakes’ myriad amenities include a fitness center and outdoor swimming pool. 

Aside from state-of-the-art equipment, the fitness center will offer group classes for all levels, like yoga, strength, balance, and aerobics. 

Plans for the stunning outdoor swimming pool include lap lanes, a spa, and recreation space for aquatics classes. 

Dedicated fitness staff will be able to provide instruction, personal training, and encouragement to residents looking to get or stay fit. And with no home or yard maintenance to worry about, they’ll have time on their schedule to fit in extra games of tennis, pickleball, or golf.

“Siena Lakes will be a wonderful solution for seniors who want to live an active, maintenance-free lifestyle in North Naples,” says Alan Butler, CEO of Erickson Senior Living. “In all of our communities we take a proactive, fun approach to health and wellness.”

Joan Chenoweth says living at an Erickson Senior Living community has helped her cholesterol come down 50 points. Five days a week, she and her husband Roger take group exercise classes like advanced aerobics, core training, yoga, and balance. Two of those days they take two classes. And they walk frequently outdoors or in. 

“We have wonderful personal trainers who teach the classes. It’s incredible, and it’s for any level,” says Joan. 

Research shows that when fitness is fun and done with friends or peers, people are more likely to stick with it. That couldn’t be more true than at Erickson Senior Living communities, where even residents teach classes. At Siena Lakes’ sister community, Cedar Crest, in Pompton Plains, N.J., Esther Price teaches water aerobics and stretch and tone weekly, engaging and inspiring her neighbors.

For those who prefer a more individual approach, the fitness center provides specialized age-appropriate machines, free weights, and personal training. 

“People say they notice the benefits of their fitness routine mostly in daily activities,” says Wellness Coordinator Melissa Sullivan. “They feel better doing everyday things, which can make a big difference.”

Within the greater Naples community, Collier County offers a variety of physical activities and sports, including the World Pickleball Championships, several semi-pro tennis tours, senior tennis opportunities, golf courses, softball, dance classes, and more.

What’s up, doc?

Another side of health and wellness is represented by Naples’ many doctors, including several who practice holistic medicine. 

Siena Lakes will have its own campus medical center staffed by a full-time physician. Erickson Senior Living medical centers reserve a certain percentage of daily appointments for same-day care—symptoms like a cough or abdominal pain. And appointments last at least 30 minutes to ensure physicians and patients aren’t rushed. This model empowers people to get care when they need it, which ultimately leads to better health. 

A proactive approach to health and wellness includes well visits to the medical center, timely follow-up appointments, and a regular fitness routine. This well-rounded approach to health is peace of mind for some, a necessity for others, and a big benefit for everyone. 

“Residents can get care right under their own roof rather than having to drive or get transportation to see the doctor,” Butler says.

Providing even more peace of mind, Siena Lakes’ round-the-clock security team of emergency medical technicians will respond quickly when an emergency cord located in the apartment homes or around campus is pulled.  

“People move [to our communities] for various reasons, but one of the most common is peace of mind,” says Siena Lakes Sales Director Fred Moschetta. “Even if they don’t need medical care now, they like to know it’s available should they ever need it—whether it’s for a common cold or something more serious.”