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Devonshire artists on display

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August 22nd, 2019
Liz Huhn was one of more than 20 Devonshire artists showcasing their work and talents at the Palm Beach Gardens, Erickson Living community’s art show.

Liz Huhn was one of more than 20 Devonshire artists showcasing their work and talents at the Palm Beach Gardens, Erickson Living community’s art show.

Community members at Devonshire work diligently to keep their artistic embers burning. Recently, 23 resident artists showcased their creative talents with painting, sculptures, and photography. 

“We have so many talented people living here and this is a wonderful way to showcase their work,” says community member Marge Housen, who organized the show. “I had no idea the depth and breadth of the artistic talent here at Devonshire. The quality of work is really exceptional.”

Over the course of two days, 100 art show guests enjoyed sipping champagne while perusing 46 pieces of art. The artists themselves were on hand to answer questions about their work.

“I was thrilled to be a part of the art show,” says Carole Hartless. “The pieces on display were all wonderful, showcasing a variety of mediums. The talent of my neighbors is inspiring.” 

An idea is born

The idea for the Devonshire art show hatched shortly after Marge attended an art show at the Erickson Living community at PGA National presented by a local art guild.

“It was a wonderful show and very well attended,” she says. “I began thinking that if people enjoy seeing others’ work, then perhaps they would enjoy seeing their neighbors’ work even more.”

Marge spoke with Devonshire Community Resources Manager Irene Malanga and was given full support for the idea.

“I invited our artists to show two pieces of art, not knowing what type of response I would receive,” Marge says. “Twenty-three people responded, making it a very nice-size show.”

Dazzling showcase

A self-proclaimed appreciator of art, Marge recruited a variety of artists for the show ranging from new artists to accomplished professionals, including her husband Charles, a new artist who only began painting after moving to Devonshire.

“He’s become an extremely prolific painter,” she says. “He paints very well and often, working with acrylics and painting abstracts. It’s a pleasure to watch him paint, to see an idea germinate and then work through to completion.” 

For Carole Hartless, painting is a hobby she began exploring almost twenty years ago.

“I started taking art classes at the Lighthouse Gallery in 2000,” she says. “I began drawing and then moved on to pastels and oil. Over the last six years, I’ve worked with watercolors. I look forward to the time I spend painting. It’s so relaxing that I often get lost in the work. I think art is a wonderful hobby, a silent way of expressing yourself.”

And for Jeananne Petrus, who grew up amidst world-renown artists, the art show provided the perfect venue to showcase two of her own paintings. Jeananne’s grandfather, the British painter Walter Percy Day, was a matte and special effects artist in the film industry. Her uncle Peter Ellenshaw was handpicked by Walt Disney to paint special effects for his films. In 1993, he was named a Disney legend. 

“Growing up surrounded by such wonderful artists made me a little unsure of my own work,” says Jeananne. “It was intimidating. But I’ve always painted. I’m thankful for the opportunity the art show provided to not only display my art but to enjoy the talents of my neighbors. It was a special event.”

Next steps

Based on the success of the art show, Marge is currently planning a fall arts and crafts show showcasing the work of community members who enjoy needlepoint, stitching, carving, and woodworking. 

“I feel like we’re in the process of discovering so many of our neighbors’ hidden talents,” she says.

In addition, plans are under way to make the art show an annual event. 

“I am grateful to live at Devonshire among so many wonderfully creative people,” says Marge. “I’m excited for the opportunity to showcase and enjoy their work for many more years.”