Should you rent or buy?

Created date

August 21st, 2019

It’s a question you probably ask yourself before every major purchase. In many cases, it makes financial sense to buy, but in others, there’s no real benefit to ownership. You have to crunch the numbers to determine which option is right for you. 

Renting can be an affordable way to try out or experience things you otherwise might not or a way to save a few bucks when you only plan to use an item once or twice. Here are six things you may not have realized were available to rent. 

1. Luggage: You’ve probably thought about renting a beach house or hotel room for your vacation, but what about renting the luggage you’ll use to travel to your destination? High-quality luggage is expensive, and if you only use it a few times a year, it may not be worth the storage space it takes up. At, you can rent a Samsonite rolling suitcase for ten days for about $50. You can also rent other travel gear like golf bags and car roof cargo storage. 

2. Toys: Delight your grandkids with a steady supply of new toys at grandma and grandpa’s house without breaking the bank. With, you can get a shipment of two new toys a month for $16-$29 a month, depending on the package you select. This is a great way to save on toys for kids who quickly grow tired of playing with the same things. 

3. Dogs: If you’re craving some sweet puppy cuddles but aren’t up for the responsibility of full-time dog ownership, you can rent a pooch through The site connects local dog owners with people who want to take them on walks, play for an afternoon, or dog sit for a longer period.  

4. Tools: Repairing or renovating your home is expensive enough without the added costs of tools you’ll only use once. Luckily, Home Depot offers rentals on everything from handheld sanders and paint sprayers to leaf blowers and power washers. 

5. Christmas trees: Lugging home a fresh-cut Christmas tree always sounds like fun—until your hands are covered in sap and you’re trying to get the tree through your door. If you live in California, check out for a more convenient and environmentally friendly option. The site delivers potted Christmas trees and then picks them up at the end up the season. Prices range $75-$165. 

6.  Just about anything: Looking to rent something else? provides rentals from companies and individuals, and you can find listings for things like ladders, baby gear, boats, bikes, and more.