6 money-focused podcasts

Created date

September 27th, 2019

When you think of podcasts, the uber-popular true crime series Serial or Ira Glass’s This American Life program probably come to mind. Podcasts are a great form of entertainment, but they can also be an easy way to learn something new while you’re on the go. You can turn a car trip, a walk in the woods, or your daily workout into an educational opportunity by popping in your earbuds and turning on a podcast. 

If you want to learn more about investing, economics, and personal finance in retirement, tune into these six money-focused podcasts.

Retirement Starts Today Radio (retirementstartstodayradio.com). Benjamin Brandt, a financial planner and Iraq war veteran, hosts this weekly podcast, which covers a range
of topics related to retirement. Recent episodes have delved into issues such as retiring abroad, navigating upcoming changes in Medicare Supplement Plans, and tax strategies for retirees. 

Your Money Briefing (wsj.com/podcasts/your-money-matters). If you want to get up to speed on investing, the markets, taxes, and retirement planning in the time it takes to drive to the grocery store or load the dishwasher, tune in to these ten-minute podcasts featuring reporters from the Wall Street Journal. You’ll get the scoop on subjects like toxic spending habits, the challenges of working past age 65, and the 2019 shortfall in pension funds from a household name you can trust. 

Planet Money (npr.org/podcasts/510289/planet-money). This National Public Radio podcast proves that complex economic concepts don’t have to be dry and difficult to understand. Tune in for entertaining and informative answers to questions like “Why didn’t the price of Coke change for 70 years?” and “Are dollar stores killing grocery stores?” You’ll learn about economics and have some interesting tidbits to share at your next party or family gathering.

Smart Passive Income (smartpassiveincome.com). If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you’ll be inspired by the host of this podcast. Pat Flynn lost his job during the 2008 recession, a month before his wedding. He turned that bad luck into an opportunity to learn how to make big money running an online business built around passive income. Now, he shares his insights and experience with thousands of listeners in a weekly podcast that explores topics like how to buy and resell items from stores on Amazon, how a self-published author sold millions of books, and how to build an audience with your hobby. 

Financial Independence (madfientist.com/podcast). Early retirement is the name of the game in this podcast, hosted by a self-described “Mad Fientist” who interviews experts about their secrets to achieving financial independence. Recent episodes explore subjects such as retiring early through real estate investing and going back to work after early retirement. 

Money for the Rest of Us (moneyfortherestofus.com/episodes). Host David Stein has managed billions of dollars for institutional clients and co-led a large investment research team. Now, he uses his weekly podcast to help individual investors become more confident in managing their own portfolios. Recent episodes have delved into questions like “What happens if U.S. interest rates turn negative?” “Should you invest in gold?” and “Is value investing dead?”