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Sandy Rubin’s move from a 55-plus to Ann’s Choice ‘the best decision I could have made’

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September 17th, 2019
Sandy Rubin is all smiles at her grandson Ryan Kroll’s wedding. Kroll is a senior sales associate at Ann’s Choice, where Sandy lives. (From left) Alyssa Kroll, Sandy Rubin, and Ryan Kroll.

Sandy Rubin is all smiles at her grandson Ryan Kroll’s wedding. Kroll is a senior sales associate at Ann’s Choice, where Sandy lives. (From left) Alyssa Kroll, Sandy Rubin, and Ryan Kroll.

Sandy Rubin doesn’t waste time on regrets. She’s too busy enjoying her third year at Ann’s Choice to worry about do-overs. “You make the best decisions you can at the time,” she says, “and adjust as needed.” 

When Sandy and her husband downsized and moved to a 55-plus community near Ann’s Choice, she expected to remain there for a long time. Within a year, the “need to adjust” was clear. Her husband passed away, and she began to experience health issues that required fewer stairs. 

“[The 55-plus community] seemed perfect at the time,” she recalls. “We were focused on the present and didn’t think we were ready for a continuing care retirement community. If we had looked to the future, we certainly would have given it more thought.”

A series of unforeseen challenges

The first problem Sandy encountered were the steps. “Even though the community is designated as 55-plus, every home has at least 14 steps to a loft, plus steps between the house and garage. That’s not an issue when you’re 55, but it becomes one eventually,” says Sandy.

Needing to drive everywhere compounded her frustration. “It wasn’t convenient. I didn’t want to drive in bad weather. It was becoming isolating. I knew I needed a change.”

Luckily for Sandy, she had the inside scoop on Ann’s Choice. Her grandson Ryan Kroll is a senior sales associate at the Bucks County, Pa., Erickson Living community. 

“I encouraged her for a long time to consider moving here,” he says. “I knew she would be able to live more independently and receive excellent medical care right on site. When she agreed, I was really happy.”

Medical care made easy

Sandy agrees with her grandson that the on-site medical center provides convenient, quality care. She switched her primary care doctor to a dedicated Ann’s Choice physician and sees the dentist and podiatrist when they come on site to see patients. “Every medical professional here is excellent,” she says, “and so easy to get to.”

Knowing that she can receive a full continuum of care is important to her. “I’m doing well and plan to remain in my apartment. But having higher levels of medical care on campus gives me so much peace of mind,” she says. “I won’t ever have to move again, and that’s fine with me.”

Sandy is referring to the assisted living, memory care, nursing care, as well as inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation available at Ann’s Choice. Says Sales Director Deborah Olcese, “The vast majority of our community members come to us via independent living. They are vibrant, active, and engaged in a full range of activities. Should they ever need higher levels of care, it’s here for them,” she says.

“That’s a major difference between us and a 55-plus community,” she adds. “We’ve thought about the future and built it into our model. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, it’s here.” 

Friendly faces everywhere

Soon after moving into her one-bedroom with den Glenmont-style apartment home, Sandy started using a motorized wheelchair. It hasn’t slowed her down a bit—in fact, she has far greater mobility since everything in her apartment home is on one level and all the community amenities are easily accessed by indoor walkways. 

“If I had stayed in my house, I would have been confined to the four walls and never seen anyone,” she says. “Here, I open my door and go everywhere with complete freedom. There’s always someone in the hall to say hello to. It’s such a friendly environment.”

Sandy loves the on-site dining options too. “With a dining room in each clubhouse, you can enjoy eating with friends. And you never have to cook dinner again if you don’t want to,” she says with a smile. 

Spreading the word

Sandy is so delighted with her life at Ann’s Choice, she convinced several friends to move. “They reserved apartments here after touring the [community]. They couldn’t believe all the activities, dining, and clubs. And when they met the staff, they were sold,” she says. 

The only thing that would make life at Ann’s Choice better? Seeing her grandson more often. “He’s so busy, but he’s always here if I need him,” she says with a smile. “It was the best decision I could have made. I should have listened to him sooner!”