Devonshire has talent!

Theatrical skills on display at annual variety show

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September 27th, 2019
Linda Mincer, who lives at Devonshire at PGA National, performs a lovely ballet routine at the show.

Linda Mincer, who lives at Devonshire at PGA National, performs a lovely ballet routine at the show.

Dazzling a full house of almost 300 neighbors inside the Stafford ballroom, members of the Devonshire community recently showcased their many talents at the highly anticipated annual variety show. 

“This was, once again, one of our most popular events to date,” says Irene Malanga, Devonshire’s community resources manager. “We have so many talented people both living and working here. We felt this was the best way to showcase their gifts.”

The show featured 15 performances by both community members and staff, including vocal soloists, a pianist, several dance performances, and humorous poetry reading.

“Our talent show is so much fun,” says community member and resident activities committee chair Barbie Traum. “The best part is learning more about my neighbors, especially discovering their often hidden talents.”

Something for everyone

Community member Micki Fickler presented four humorous poems sprinkled throughout the show. 

“I enjoy participating every year,” she says. “As a child growing up in Ft. Lauderdale, I was active in community theater. I enjoy being a ham. The variety show provides a wonderful opportunity to perform for a friendly audience.”

For this year’s show Micki searched the internet for poems she thought her neighbors would enjoy. She chose poems that dealt with the humorous side of aging.

“I think humor is so important, especially as you get older,” she says. “My neighbors must agree because I received many positive compliments after the show. These accolades mean a lot.” 

Dick Shelby entertained the audience with a vocal rendition of a Cole Porter favorite. 

“I have so much fun singing,” he says. “Participating in the variety show is a wonderful experience. Not only did I enjoy participating, I received many nice compliments from my neighbors. I would absolutely perform in another variety show. In fact, my advice to any of my neighbors considering participating is this—try out. It’s a fun, supportive group, and a great experience.”

Joint effort

Barbie Traum joined Devonshire staff members, nicknamed the “Devonshire Cadets,” for one of the last performances of the show—a rendition of “The Mickey Mouse Club” theme song. The singers, wearing mouse ears, of course, replaced the word M-I-C-K-E-Y with D-E-V-O-N-S-H-I-R-E. 

Barbie says she believes that events like the variety show are an integral part of the Devonshire community.

“I find it wonderful that my neighbors are comfortable and willing to present who they are on stage in front of so many,” she says. “That says a lot about how comfortable we all are living here. Everyone is family here.”

Performing alongside Barbie as a “Devonshire Cadet,” catering events manager Ana Arias also joined several of her coworkers showcasing their diverse backgrounds through dance as “Devonshire Diversity Dancers.” 

“It was a great experience to dance with the team,” she says. “I have worked with my fellow “diversity dancers” for several years, dancing together provided an opportunity to get to know them on a different level. It was so much fun, and I know the residents enjoyed the event as well.”

Fellow “diversity dancer” and facilities supervisor, Mario Ayala, agrees.

“We get our work done and make time to entertain the people who live here as well,” he says. “We take pride in our jobs and care about our community members. It was fun to work with such a great team.”

Key to success

All of the Devonshire performers credit Malanga’s leadership for the success of the show. 

“Momma Irene deserves all the credit for the show’s success,” says Barbie. “Everything she organizes, from the variety show and beyond, is top of the line. She provides support, compassion, and creativity. She is Devonshire!”

“She’s wonderful,” says Micki. “She finds all the talent and puts the show together. She is a big believer that we are all family. Each year, the show ends with a nod to that fact.”

This year’s variety show came to an end with all the performers appearing together on stage to sing “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge. Audience members were invited to stand up and join in the singing. 

“Devonshire truly is a friendly and family-oriented community,” says Arias. “Events like the variety show strengthen those bonds, enriching relationships between staff and community members as well as between coworkers.”

“The performers sang, danced, and made the crowd laugh,” Malanga adds. “The night really highlighted why Devonshire is such a wonderful place to live and work.”