‘Everything you could want’

Hank and Nancy Greenberg choose Siena Lakes

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September 27th, 2019
Hank and Nancy Greenberg say they are excited about moving to Siena Lakes when it opens in 2021.

Hank and Nancy Greenberg say they are excited about moving to Siena Lakes when it opens in 2021.

For Hank and Nancy Greenberg, first impressions have always held a lot of weight. Like when Hank first visited Naples, Fla., on a business trip. 

“We were living in Charlotte, N.C., and we thought that was beautiful—and it is. I thought we’d be there forever. But when I came to Naples for a business trip, I was overwhelmed,” he recalls.

He called Nancy and invited her to come back with him—not to visit the women’s clothing store he was opening there, but to look for a home. 

The good life

“Naples, the city, has everything you could want: culture; the beach; great tennis and golf, both of which I enjoy; easy access to the airport. The lifestyle here is terrific; the friends we’ve met are wonderful people,” he says. 

Hank and Nancy are looking forward to their third move within the sunny city, from a house in Tiburon Golf Club to a community whose first impression struck them just as strongly as that day back in 1984.

“When we looked at Siena Lakes, we loved everything that they showed us,” Hank says of the Erickson Senior Living community where they have reserved an apartment home.  “Everyone we met was very professional and very cordial.”

Retirement rights and privileges

The sales office and showroom, located on the future site of Siena Lakes, gives visitors a taste of the lifestyle Siena Lakes will offer when it opens in 2021. Large, open, well-appointed living spaces; maintenance-free living; and vibrant activities in an ideal location appeal most to Hank and Nancy. 

“This place has everything you could want—theater, activity rooms, a fitness center, swimming pool, restaurants. And they take care of everything,” Hank says. “It’s that time in your life where you don’t need to be worried about upkeep or cooking. We’re looking forward to some of the rights and privileges of being retired.”

He says Nancy particularly appreciates the fact that every building is connected. “You can walk through and never get rained upon. You don’t have to go outside and get in a golf cart to go to dinner or go swimming or to visit a neighbor or friend,” Hank says.

What’s more, Nancy doesn’t have to cook if she doesn’t want to. Siena Lakes will have three restaurants on site. 

With just under two years until they move to their new home, Hank and Nancy have started preparing.

“Each time that we’ve moved in our life, it’s been a very exciting period. It’s like another phase of your life. We’re very happy we found Siena Lakes.”