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Ashby Ponds sales office scheduling record number of appointments

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September 17th, 2019
Ashby Ponds Director of Sales Holly Henderson encourages anyone interested in a future at Ashby Ponds to schedule a visit this fall.

Ashby Ponds Director of Sales Holly Henderson encourages anyone interested in a future at Ashby Ponds to schedule a visit this fall.

As the hot summer months give way to crisp fall air, comfy sweaters, and the crackle of fallen leaves, the Ashby Ponds sales office is buzzing with record-breaking activity. With the recent summer opening of Belmont Commons, the community’s thirteenth residence building, Ashby Ponds is now home to more than 1,500 community members.

“The onset of fall leads many to start thinking about the realities of what’s coming next— winter,” says Ashby Ponds Director of Sales Holly Henderson. “A majority of people we meet with either want to find out how to move to Ashby Ponds before the end of the year or how to make this the last winter they spend in their current house.”

Whatever the ultimate goal, Henderson’s advice is the same: plan a visit to the sought-after community. “Our doors are always open,” she says. “Whether you’d like to sit and chat with a sales counselor or enjoy a delicious meal in one of our restaurants, nothing beats seeing the real heartbeat of our community.”

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, Henderson recently sat down with the Tribune to discuss the addition of Belmont Commons, plans for the future, and ways to save money on a home at Ashby Ponds. 

Q: What has the addition of Belmont Commons meant to the Ashby Ponds community?

A: We couldn’t be more excited about the addition of more than 100 new community members, all of whom are settling into their new lives at Ashby Ponds. Every day, I speak to very happy residents who recount stories of the many new friends they’ve made and exciting new experiences they enjoy. 

In fact, I’ve heard several stories from our new Belmont Commons residents on how they’ve run into other Ashby Ponds community members that they know from the past, including former coworkers and neighbors. 

All of our new community members, both at Belmont Commons and in our other Ashby Ponds neighborhoods, enjoy numerous opportunities to meet neighbors, whether it’s while dining in one of our six restaurants, attending our monthly resident town hall meetings, or mingling at the frequent happy hours.

Q: How does the high demand for the Ashby Ponds lifestyle affect the availability of apartment homes?

A: Although it’s true that demand for the Ashby Ponds lifestyle is high, there are currently a handful of beautiful apartment homes available for immediate reservation. My advice to anyone considering a move in the short-term is twofold. First, schedule a visit with a sales counselor to tour our available homes, and second, join the priority list. 

Should you choose not to move to Ashby Ponds in the near future, the importance of the priority list cannot be overstated. As a member of the priority list, you reserve your spot in line for the apartment home you desire. It also means that you’ll be the first to receive notice of any new construction. This is a huge benefit. In the past, we’ve reserved entire residence buildings to members of our priority list without going to the general public.

Q: I understand that some of the available apartment homes are located in Ashby Ponds’ first residence buildings. How do they compare with those recently built?  

A: All available homes at Ashby Ponds are kept to the same very high standard. What that means is that prior to being offered to our future residents, homes built during Ashby Ponds’ first years are completely renovated to the same high standards as those seen in our newest homes. 

Those standards include brand new flooring, lighting, appliances, countertops, and cabinets. As a result, every Ashby Ponds apartment home, regardless of when it was built, is brand new. The only difference is the price. The homes in our first-constructed buildings are available at a lower cost, which makes them an excellent value.

What opportunities are available to learn more about Ashby Ponds this fall? 

A: I first want to say that our door is always open. I strongly encourage anyone considering a move to Ashby Ponds to call and plan a visit during our monthly happy hours. These fun, late-afternoon get-togethers offer the perfect opportunity to see Ashby Ponds “in action” and to meet and talk with our current residents.

On October 17, our sales and marketing team is hosting an informational luncheon. This is another great opportunity to learn more about Ashby Ponds from both our sales team and resident ambassadors. You’ll also enjoy a delicious lunch in our popular 1912 Restaurant. Over the course of the lunch you’ll receive up-to-date information on the handful of homes available with 2019 pricing and a variety of special offers.