Retirement living options

Which one works best for you?

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September 27th, 2019
Retirement experts Kristine Kluge and Suzy McAllister help people realize their retirement priorities and choose a lifestyle that best suits their wants and needs.

Retirement experts Kristine Kluge and Suzy McAllister help people realize their retirement priorities and choose a lifestyle that best suits their wants and needs.

If you’re nearing retirement age, or even if you’ve already retired, you should be researching your options. 

“It’s the prudent thing to do,” says Ameriprise Certified Financial Advisor Samantha Long. “You may discover you can enjoy a healthier, happier, more financially stable retirement if you make some changes, but you have to do your research first.”

Discovering your wants and needs

Kristine Kluge and Suzy McAllister, retirement experts and sales counselors at Siena Lakes, an Erickson Senior Living community coming to North Naples, Fla., meet with folks at any stage of retirement to help them discover their options in the area. They not only answer questions about the lifestyle at Siena Lakes but also provide insight into the area’s retirement living options.

“Many people think listing their current house for sale is the first step to a successful sale and move [in retirement]. But it really starts with researching where you want to live and creating a plan for making that move happen,” Kluge says. “That’s where Suzy and I come in.”

A typical first appointment with Kluge or McAllister lasts two hours. “We find out what they are looking for, their timeframe, if they have a home to sell and the next steps for getting it ready for the market,” McAllister says. 

Most importantly, “We listen,” she says. “People usually come in with lots of questions and concerns, or they aren’t really sure what to ask and aren’t familiar with what a retirement community is all about. We find out exactly what they want, what their needs are, and who they are as people.”

Having both served as personal moving consultants for other Erickson Senior Living communities, Kluge and McAllister are well-versed in helping people with the logistics of their move and know how to create a good plan.

That plan includes choosing the ideal community and apartment home, developing a timeline, finding a reputable real estate agent, sorting through belongings, decluttering and depersonalizing the current house, and creating a floor and furniture plan for the new home.

“All of this takes time, and the first step is making the decision and envisioning yourself there,” Kluge says. “With Siena Lakes opening in two years, we have people reserving their homes now knowing they are planning for the future. Once that step is out of the way, they can focus on all the other aspects of making the move.”

Retirement priorities

Like Long, Kluge and McAllister encourage everyone to do their retirement research.

During your research, ask yourself questions to help you discover your retirement priorities. 

For example, “Most people who move to an Erickson community are looking for camaraderie, less home maintenance, and a health care safety net,” McAllister says. 

Siena Lakes will offer a wealth of amenities and services to fill your calendar; full-time home maintenance and biweekly housekeeping for those looking to lighten their load; and an on-site medical center for those looking for quality, convenient health care steps from their door. 

“Other people may be looking for more predictable expenses in retirement,” Kluge says. 

Long agrees: “In retirement, a monthly budget should be strictly followed and reviewed at least quarterly.”

Siena Lakes’ monthly service package includes use of all community amenities, 24/7 home maintenance, transportation, a dining plan, and all utilities. 

“Instead of writing ten checks a month for various expenses, you have only one check or automatic deduction for almost everything,” Kluge adds. “People love that convenience and predictability and the time it saves them to do the things they enjoy.”

Don’t get left in the dark

If you decide to make a lifestyle change in retirement, McAllister and Kluge recommend setting out a clear plan for yourself.

“We have a team here to work with our members every step of the way,” McAllister says. 

To start your retirement research with Kristine Kluge or Suzy McAllister, schedule an appointment by calling 1-800-980-1762. They will help you discover your retirement vision, research area retirement communities, and learn more about the lifestyle at Siena Lakes.