Fostering others’ passions

Windsor Run’s resident services manager brings wide-ranging talent, experience to her role

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October 29th, 2019
Windsor Run’s new resident services manager, Maria Reyes, held the same position at another Erickson Living community in Maryland.

Windsor Run’s new resident services manager, Maria Reyes, held the same position at another Erickson Living community in Maryland.

Recently, Windsor Run welcomed Maria Reyes as the community’s new resident services manager, a position she previously held at Windsor Run’s sister community, Oak Crest, in Parkville, Md. In this capacity, she supports community resources, fitness, and resident services coordinators. She and her staff also oversee the “Welcome Home” program for new community members and provide support for the My Erickson app.

“The best part of my position is getting to know the residents from the very beginning,” she says. “At Windsor Run, we are all ‘new’ together. I am able to initiate relationships and help community members take ownership of designing their life experiences here.”

As one of Erickson Living’s newest communities, Reyes enjoys providing a fresh outlook.

“Right away, we are able to employ the use of technology—computers, phone, apps—all which give greater diversity and a further reach, to our activities. But more than anything, we are in the unique position of creating experiences and traditions that will give Windsor Run its unique identity.”

Tradition of excellence

Prior to joining the Windsor Run team, Maria worked with Windsor Run Associate Executive Director Bo Lundh. 

“Bo is reason enough to work at Windsor Run,” she says.

For his part, Lundh is excited to reunite with his dedicated coworker.

“During our time working together at Oak Crest, Maria shone in her capability to engage and promote the talents and interests of Erickson Living community members,” says Lundh. “We are thrilled she’s joined our Windsor Run team. Her skills, enthusiasm, and unwavering support for others makes her not only a wonderful coworker but also a devoted partner to our residents.”

Understanding the move

Recently, Maria, like those moving to Windsor Run, experienced firsthand the process of selling her home and moving to Matthews, N.C.

“It’s funny how life happens,” she says. “I had recently purchased a condo in Maryland when this new opportunity found me. Like many Windsor Run community members, I took the first steps of visiting the campus, meeting staff, and exploring the surroundings. And like them, I fell in love with it all. It felt like a natural fit and, more importantly, I knew that I could have an impact here, supported by very generous, giving people.” 

Finding their own voice

Maria was right. From day one, she set about ensuring that the community members she worked for knew that she was there to support them.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of my position is to help foster a community member’s passion while also helping them share that passion with their neighbors,” she says.

Within the first weeks of her employment, Maria helped residents form a kaleidoscope club, a seashell craft club, and a community newsletter.

“Windsor Run is made up of a fascinating group of people,” she says. “Many are eager to share their talents and, in the process, are making meaningful connections.”

This sharing is an integral part of life at an Erickson Living community. The activities and the people Maria supports are bringing the company’s mission to life: “sharing our gifts to create communities that celebrate life.”

Songstress in the house

As Maria was hard at work supporting the interests and creativity of Windsor Run community members, word got out that an extremely talented musician was in their midst. 

Maria began singing professionally 30 years ago in jazz combos, big bands, and vocal jazz ensembles at the Northern Illinois University jazz program. Passionate about scat singing and improvisation, she’s sung throughout the country, even recording commercials for the VA Museum of Fine Arts and singing with Gypsy Roots and the Shiny Stockings Trio. 

“I’ve always loved music and performing,” she says. 

As soon as Windsor Run discovered her talent, Maria was asked to perform. She was happy to oblige. This summer, she first showcased her skills at a resident and staff Mix and Mingle performing popular jazz standards, even serenading several residents with the classic “Funny Valentine.” 

Since that inaugural performance, Maria has performed at the community talent show and a second Mix and Mingle event. 

“Everyone is very kind and supportive,” she says. 

New to the Charlotte-area music scene, Maria is currently getting to know a variety of local musicians while fulfilling performance bookings.

“Once I meet more musicians, I’m certain I will perform again for our community,” she says.

Looking forward

In the meantime, Maria continues to help Windsor Run community members find and support their own passions. She and her team of resident services coordinators meet with prospective residents and, wherever possible, share with them how they can make their mark on the community.

“It’s amazing who you’ll meet,” she says. “Just the other day, a couple was on campus for a tour. I stopped to say hello and found out that the wife grew up in the same area of Chicago that I lived in. In fact, our high schools were rivals. 

“This is a great example of just how great this job is—all the wonderful people I meet, work with, and support every day.”