‘Wonderful new life’

Ellen Weaver moves to her sister’s community with the help of Windsor Run’s team of experts

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October 29th, 2019
Ellen Weaver (left) credits Personal Moving Consultant Amanda Bates (right) and her team of experts for a seamless move to Windsor Run.

Ellen Weaver (left) credits Personal Moving Consultant Amanda Bates (right) and her team of experts for a seamless move to Windsor Run.

When Ellen Weaver’s sister Sue Helt moved to Windsor Run last September, she had no idea the decision would be life-changing for the both of them.

“I visited Sue three to four times a week and immediately discovered just how friendly and social everyone is,” she says. “I met a lot of people over the course of my many visits and really liked the location and the Erickson Living concept. I started thinking—maybe I should live here too.”

It was a thought that, once cemented in her mind, moved Ellen from her house to Windsor Run in less than two months.

Movers and shakers

“I still can’t believe how quickly everything came together,” she says. “I looked at an apartment on a Friday afternoon—the two-bedroom Hawthorne—and decided it was perfect for me. The following Friday, Amanda [Bates, Windsor Run’s personal moving consultant] visited me at home. And by the end of the next month, I was moved in. It’s quite remarkable.”

Ellen credits Bates for the swift and stress-free move. 

“She’s like a breath of fresh air,” she says. “She has such a calm and reassuring way. She helped me take the move in small pieces, so that it all fell into place like a puzzle coming together.”

During her visit to Ellen’s house, Bates provided a list of preferred real estate agents and movers, each handpicked because of the quality of services they provide. 

“I used her recommendations for both the real estate agent and mover and can’t say enough good things,” says Ellen. “Everything worked together like a well-oiled machine. And what was most remarkable to me was that I never felt like a number. I was made to feel like I was the only one they had to work with. I know that wasn’t so, but everyone I worked with made me feel comfortable and important.”

Because all of the vendors Bates recommends have worked with Windsor Run, each is uniquely aware of all the ins and outs of moving to the community. As a result, much of the stress related to a new move is removed from the process.

“It makes it all so easy,” says Ellen. “In fact, Amanda informed me that I could move in an entire month before I had planned. I couldn’t believe it. Everyone I worked with knew the process.”

The two women also discussed the furniture pieces that would accompany Ellen on her move. 

“She laid them all out on a diagram board of my new apartment,” says Ellen. “I knew that I couldn’t bring everything, but there were certain things that I wanted because they make me feel comfortable. I was able to take them all, and by laying them out, Amanda showed me how they would fit. That made me feel very good.”

Starting her new life

Since her move this past July, Ellen continues to spend time with Sue while also meeting new friends.

“Sue is thrilled to have me here,” she says. “We live in two separate buildings, so we have our own space, but we are able to get together whenever we want.”

Ellen is also busy meeting new friends, often sharing dinner together with new neighbors. 

“Everyone is so friendly,” she says. “The quality of people both living and working here continues to amaze me.”

As one of Windsor Run’s youngest community members, Ellen found that friends first questioned her decision to move to a continuing care retirement community. 

“I tell them that I wish to fully enjoy all the amenities and activities available to me when I’m healthy and active,” she says. “I’ve always been independent. I don’t like to ask for help. As a result, I put myself in a position that should I ever need care it will be here for me. That provides wonderful peace of mind.”

Looking back on the whirlwind of the last few months, Ellen is excited to see what the future holds.

“I am so thankful and feel so blessed to live this wonderful new life,” she says. “I love everything about living at Windsor Run. It truly is my home.”