Better together

Brother and sister back under the same roof as neighbors at Oak Crest

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November 25th, 2019
Siblings Carolyn Zick and Carter Glass pose here before their Crestview neighborhood at Oak Crest, where they moved within a week of each other.

Siblings Carolyn Zick and Carter Glass pose here before their Crestview neighborhood at Oak Crest, where they moved within a week of each other.

Carolyn Zick and her brother Carter Glass have always been close. Carolyn, the youngest of three, and Carter, the middle child, grew up near Memorial Stadium in Baltimore City, Md. As adults, Carolyn settled in Perry Hall, while Carter enjoyed city life in Butcher’s Hill. But after years of living apart, they are back under the same roof, this time as neighbors at Oak Crest, the Erickson Living-managed community in Parkville.

“We moved to Oak Crest within a week of one another,” says Carolyn. “We went through the entire process together and had each other for support. We selected our apartments and were signing the dotted line within a month of visiting the community.” 

‘No-worries lifestyle’

Tired of living alone in her Perry Hall townhome, Carolyn set out in search of a worry-free lifestyle and began exploring other options in 2017. 

“I looked at 55-plus communities, and I also considered some retirement communities on the Eastern Shore,” says Carolyn. “I had heard a lot of good things about Oak Crest and knew people who lived here, so I wanted to check it out.”

At that time, the thought of moving to a retirement community had never crossed Carter’s mind. 

“I wasn’t even considering it,” says Carter. “Carolyn had an appointment at Oak Crest and asked if I would like to go with her, and I said, ‘Sure.’ When I saw the community in person, I made up my mind right away that this was where I wanted to be.” 

After just one visit, Carolyn was also confident Oak Crest was the perfect fit. 

“Everything that I could have wanted was here,” says Carolyn. “It’s a no-worries lifestyle, and that’s what I was looking for. If I get sick in the future, if I run out of money, all of the bases are covered.” Carolyn is referring to Oak Crest’s home for life commitment, which provides options so that residents facing a genuine and unforeseen change in their finances are able to remain in their homes. 

Within three months, Carolyn and Carter were moving into their new apartments. 

“Oak Crest provided a book with all of the information we would need to move, including a checklist and referrals for real estate agents, moving companies, junk removal, etc. They really did all the legwork for us. I didn’t have to search on my own for all of those things, which made the move painless,” says Carter.

Although they each selected different floor plans, they are both located in Oak Crest’s Crestview neighborhood. Carolyn chose a one-bedroom on the fifth floor and Carter, a studio on the ground level. 

Carter’s wish list included a north-facing apartment with a good view. Carolyn’s was a little more specific. 

“I had a lot of upgrades in my townhouse, and it was important to me to get those same things in my new apartment,” says Carolyn. “Working with the Oak Crest Design Center was wonderful. I was able to customize my apartment any way I wanted to. I chose granite countertops, chair railing, crown molding, custom flooring, and paint colors.”

Close-knit family

In the two years that Carolyn and Carter have called Oak Crest home, each has maintained an active, independent lifestyle, while still enjoying each other’s company.

“After we moved, we ate dinner together every night,” says Carolyn. “We don’t do that as much anymore, but we still see each other frequently, at least once a week. Whenever Carter is out taking a walk, he will stop by my place, or if I’m over near his apartment, I’ll drop in.” 

Carolyn is active within her church, and her great-granddaughter stays overnight with her once a week. She is a member of the Oak Crest Welcoming Committee and enjoys oil painting with her daughter (who incidentally started working for Oak Crest six months after Carolyn moved in).  

“She splits her time between Oak Crest and Charlestown,” says Carolyn. “When she is on campus, we usually go to lunch together.”

Carter volunteers as a cameraman at Oak Crest’s on-site TV studio, takes a line dancing class, and belongs to the computer and opera groups. He plays Scrabble with two different clubs, is active in his church, and walks at least two miles every day.   

“I love the grounds here at Oak Crest. It’s such a nice community to walk in. There is a lake and a fountain and little hidden garden areas. It’s just beautiful! We see all kinds of wildlife like rabbits, deer, squirrels,” says Carter.  

Looking back, Carolyn and Carter say moving to Oak Crest was the best decision they could have made.

“The move itself wasn’t hard at all,” says Carolyn. “The fact that we had each other for support and went through the entire process together made it easier.”