A big dose of confidence

Personal moving consultant provides unexpected benefits

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November 19th, 2019
Kristina Cliff-Evans and her husband Ken Evans smile in their Ann's Choice apartment.

Using Erickson Living-preferred vendors paid off handsomely for Kristina Cliff-Evans and her husband Ken Evans, to the tune of a $2,000 credit towards moving expenses! 

Kristina Cliff-Evans and her husband Ken Evans spent 28 years in a large, 95-year-old house in Northwest Philadelphia, Pa., with a full basement and two-car garage. According to Kristina, “There were lots of places to stick stuff, and we stuck stuff in all of them.”

They loved their home’s historic charm, and Ken was handy, so upkeep hadn’t been an issue. But during 2018’s hard winter, they started thinking about maintenance-free living. “We got tired of looking after an old home and constantly doing projects,” says Ken. 

Around that time, Kristina began noticing ads for Ann’s Choice and requested a brochure. “We were intrigued and accepted an invitation for a tour and luncheon,” she says. “We wanted to see if Ann’s Choice was right for us.” 

During their March visit, they joined the priority list; a few weeks later they selected the one-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath Gilman model with a den as their preferred apartment home. Joining the priority list put them in line for the apartment home of their choice, and as the Gilman model is rarely available, they thought they had plenty of time to downsize.

The following Monday, their sales counselor called: a Gilman would be ready in early June. As priority list members they had first right of refusal, so they came to see it. To their delight, it had wood floors throughout, an upgrade they wanted. “That pushed us over,” says Kristina, “and the whirlwind started.” 

Downsizing begins

With a huge house to clean out and a quick move-in date, the couple felt overwhelmed at first. That happens often, according to Personal Moving Consultant Colleen Rosica. “Everyone thinks their to-do list is miles long. I break it down into manageable steps they can accomplish at their own pace. That helps relieve some of the stress of moving,” Rosica says.

Kristina agrees that the process felt daunting initially, but Rosica helped them navigate through it. “She knew exactly what we needed at every turn. She connected us to an Ann’s Choice-preferred real estate agent, places to donate stuff, and a mover.” The real estate agent listed the house the next afternoon. It sold in just 12 days. 

With their move-out and move-in dates looming, they decided to use Rosica’s recommended movers. “They had so much experience with Ann’s Choice,” says Kristina. “That was a big selling point for us.”

Because they used preferred vendors, the couple qualified for a $2,000 credit to their resident account for their moving expenses. “That was a terrific bonus,” says Kristina, “and we were very pleased with the real estate agent and movers.”

Kristina and Ken agree that Colleen’s recommendations were extremely valuable. Just as important was the confidence she gave them. Says Kristina, “We hadn’t been working toward this move, so there was a lot to do on a tight timetable. She reassured us that we could accomplish it, and she was right.”

Other valuable services

In addition to recommending trusted vendors, Rosica can provide a wealth of information about life at Ann’s Choice. She can help you understand how the floor plan and options you choose will determine your 90% refundable entrance deposit and monthly service package. (See the Residence and Care Agreement for more details.)

She can help you customize your home too. “The Ann’s Choice Custom Interiors department can coordinate vendors offering window treatments, flooring, built-ins, and more,” she says. “Of course, many people are so pleased with the bright, modern finishes that come with every apartment home they don’t change anything.”  

When asked about the “right time” to contact her, Rosica says there’s never a wrong time. “As soon as you join the priority list, I’m happy to meet, whether you’re moving in one month or one year. I work on your timetable, and there’s never any pressure.”