Hosting large gatherings when you have a smaller living space

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November 25th, 2019
Cocktail and dessert parties in your apartment home are just one way you can host a social gathering. Erickson Living communities offer a range of options for you to entertain family and friends, either at home or in one of the on-site dining venues.

Cocktail and dessert parties in your apartment are just one way you can host a social gathering. Erickson Living communities offer a range of options for you to entertain family and friends, either at home or in one of the on-site dining venues.

If you enjoy entertaining a crowd, especially during the holidays, you may think that moving to a smaller living space will end that tradition. Well, think again! Erickson Living communities offer lots of options for hosting big bashes with family and friends. Remember, your home extends beyond the door of your apartment. You have an entire campus at your disposal.

Here are some ideas to consider when planning your next affair:

Reserve a clubhouse or catering room. There are all kinds of rooms around campus that residents can reserve. Some even have audiovisual equipment in the event you want to play background music or show a family video. Consider the atmosphere you hope to create, then decide which room meets your needs. You can even decorate the space to match the occasion. And while some communities require that you use their catering services, others allow you to bring your own food. Your community sales team members can tell you more.

Take advantage of the private dining room. If your guest list is 15 or less, these intimate settings are great places to host a holiday meal, birthday party, or anniversary celebration. You can work with the catering team on your desired menu and table décor. Best of all, when your meal is finished, you can walk away and leave the cleanup to us.

Enjoy dinner out. Instead of fretting about the menu, slaving over a hot stove, and getting dishpan hands, bring the party to us! Every Erickson Living community offers numerous restaurants where you are welcome to dine with invited friends and family. And since we offer a wide variety of entrée choices, this arrangement is especially smart if your guests have differing dietary needs or food preferences. You can even use your monthly meal allowance toward the cost.

If your heart is set on entertaining in your apartment home, never fear. All it takes is a little creativity. Here are some more ideas:

Throw a cocktail or dessert party. Entertaining is not about the food; it’s about the companionship. Rather than planning an elaborate sit-down meal, consider a festive gathering where guests can mingle over cocktails or nibble on delicious desserts. You’ll be surprised at how many people can comfortably fit into your apartment home for this type of event.

Make it an open house. Instead of having a set beginning and end time, invite family and friends to drop by throughout the day or evening. This will keep your home less crowded as people naturally come and go.

Keep decorations to a minimum. Be selective about how much floor and surface space you use for festive décor. It’s most important that you provide ample room for guests to maneuver through your home and places to rest their plates and glasses.

Set up small seating areas throughout your home. If your dining area cannot accommodate all of your guests, add some two- or four-person tables in other parts of your home so friends and family can chat while enjoying their meal. Your community’s general services team can provide the extra tables and chairs you need. Just give them a call.

Label it. Encourage your party attendees to reuse their drinkware by labeling their glasses. It’s better for the environment and it keeps clutter and cleanup to a minimum.

Be flexible. Moving to a smaller living space may require you to entertain a little differently, so keep an open mind, be creative, and start some new traditions. A fresh approach may add a whole new dimension of fun and excitement to your next gathering.