‘Why do it twice?’

Retirement expert explains the advantages of Linden Ponds over a 55-plus community

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November 22nd, 2019
Jerry and Ann Marcus smile next to a Hannukah menorah in their apartment home at Linden Ponds.

Jerry and Ann Marcus lived at a 55-plus community before moving to Linden Ponds. They’re looking forward to the many celebrations during the holidays.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to your retirement living. One option that some people consider is a 55-plus community. But Linden Ponds Sales Counselor Karmin Der says many of the prospective residents she meets are moving from a 55-plus community. They’ve come to her because they’re seeking the security and maintenance-free lifestyle offered by a continuing care retirement community like Linden Ponds.

“Downsizing and moving is hard. Why do it twice?” Der says. “What I hear from residents who have moved from a 55-plus community to Linden Ponds is that there is still some home maintenance to worry about at 55-plus communities, and they stressed about not having the benefits of the full continuum of care as we do here at Linden Ponds.”

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There are now about 20 residents at Linden Ponds who previously lived at The Pinehills, a community with 55-plus neighborhoods in Plymouth, Mass. Ann Marcus and her husband Jerry are among that group. Ann says she and Jerry enjoyed the people and the amenities at The Pinehills, but they no longer wanted to deal with home maintenance. They also wanted to live in a community that would offer the support they might need as they got older.

“In order to live [at The Pinehills], you really had to have a car,” Ann says. “There were some doctors on the grounds, but you couldn’t walk to them. You don’t need a car here at Linden Ponds,” Ann says. “We also didn’t have the security where they check on you every morning—there is a safety factor here.”

Der says another reason people choose Linden Ponds over a 55-plus community is the active social life. With over 100 resident-run clubs and activities and a full lineup of parties and special events, there’s always something interesting to do.

Ann operates the cameras in the on-site TV studio every week and sometimes hosts a show. She also helps to organize the auction at the annual gala to benefit the Resident Care Fund and she volunteers in the Treasure Chest, Linden Ponds’ on-site resale shop.

“We love it here, and we felt we got here at the right time,” Ann says.