Why Siena Lakes?

Clearing up misconceptions about retirement communities

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November 29th, 2019
An older black couple takes a walk around the scenic grounds of Siena Lakes. When you move to Siena Lakes, you'll gain access to myriad activities and social opportunities. Life will never be boring! 

An older black couple takes a walk around the scenic grounds of Siena Lakes. When you move to Siena Lakes, you'll gain access to myriad activities and social opportunities. Life will never be boring! 

I’m Kristine Kluge, one of two sales counselors at Siena Lakes, the new Erickson Senior Living community coming to North Naples, Fla. As you consider your options for the future, there is a lot to think about, such as how you will spend your time and where. If you choose to enjoy your vibrant and relaxing retirement at a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) like Siena Lakes, I believe it will free you from maintenance, provide peace of mind, and inspire you to continually live a full and active life. 

While we know this is a smart next move, some of you may have reservations. People often categorize CCRCs with nursing homes or assisted living facilities and associate them with a loss of freedom and personal identity, but this is far from an accurate picture. To help sort facts from fiction, here is the truth behind some common myths about CCRCs:

Myth 1: CCRCs are for people who can’t take care of themselves anymore.

CCRCs are meant for active, older adults. Most residents live independently in maintenance-free apartment homes and enjoy the convenience of having a wide range of services and resources right on campus. They continue to work, volunteer, and travel while residing at their community. 

CCRCs do offer assisted living and nursing care in a dedicated continuing care neighborhood located on the grounds of the community. This arrangement is ideal for those who want to live an active, independent lifestyle, with added peace of mind that higher levels of care are readily available, should they ever be needed.

Myth 2: Living with older people will be boring and depressing.

Communities like Siena Lakes have a long list of activities to choose from, including resident-run clubs, continuing education classes, and dozens of volunteer opportunities on and off campus. Once built, the Siena Lakes clubhouse will have yoga, a fitness center, pool, and a pub and café to visit for a meal with friends. 

Much like a college campus, community members are free to be as active as they choose. 

There are lots of opportunities for social interaction as well as places to enjoy solitary pursuits. 

“People will actually gain more independence and free time when they choose to move to a retirement community because they will give up so much time that ties them to their chores and work around the house,” says Fred Moschetta, director of sales at Siena Lakes. “Our residents will have more time to do what they enjoy most.”

Myth 3: The CCRC lifestyle is too costly.

Living at a CCRC could often cost about the same as staying in your house, but it comes with higher value. Regular expenses like utilities, property taxes, and select meals are covered by a single monthly service fee that stays the same all year long. You won’t be burdened with surprise repairs or upkeep costs either. Maintenance inside and outside your apartment home, 24-hour concierge, and biweekly housekeeping and linen service are also included in the monthly service fee. 

In addition to predictable expenses, CCRCs like Siena Lakes provide access to a host of convenient on-campus services, including free shuttle transportation, use of the fitness center and pool, and recreation areas—not to mention excellent health and wellness care at the on-site medical center. When you add it all up, you may find this lifestyle actually saves you money.  

Myth 4: I’ll never fit everything into an apartment.

The number one concern most seniors have about moving from their house is downsizing, but many CCRCs offer complimentary services to help you sort through your belongings and prepare to move to a smaller space. Siena Lakes has dedicated sales counselors, like me, who will not only help you downsize but will also assist you with finding a real estate agent, securing a reliable moving company, and suggesting improvements to increase the value of your house. 

Once you select your specific floor plan style, we’ll help you with furniture placement so you feel settled the first day you move in. Many residents who dreaded downsizing discover that they love a fresh new start in their brand-new apartment home!

Myth 5: My family won’t get any money back.

If this is a concern for you, choose a Type C fee-for-service community like Siena Lakes. You can secure your apartment home with a onetime entrance fee that is 80% refundable. Most importantly, you’ll only pay for higher levels of care if you need them—an approach that could save you thousands of dollars while protecting your hard-earned nest egg. (Siena Lakes also offers the option of a nonrefundable entrance fee. Full details are in the Residence and Care Agreement.) 

Myth 6: It would be easier to get additional care in my current home.

This may be true, but home care may further isolate those who are incapable of leaving the house on their own. Plus, it is commonly expensive to hire in-home care. Leaving home is obviously not an easy decision to make, and I know that it may seem easier to stay put, but having guaranteed care closer to your door when or if needed will offer you security and peace of mind.