Yes, people move in the winter

Why this is a good time to put your house on the market

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December 20th, 2019
A "for sale" sign stands in front of a house lightly dusted in snow.

There are several advantages to selling your house during the winter. Just ask Linden Ponds Personal Moving Consultant Lynne Ford.

Spring is typically regarded as the prime time to sell a house. Winter, on the other hand, has a reputation for being a tough time to sell. But Linden Ponds Personal Moving Consultant Lynne Ford says that reputation is undeserved. 

“Winter is often a very good time to sell a home,” Ford says. “Most people have their homes looking bright, cheery, and festive for the winter months and holidays.”

The Boston-area real estate market is strong right now. Ford says most properties continue to move quickly. 

“We have seen a bit of a ‘leveling off’ of days on market and pricing, but overall, homes are still selling in a reasonable period of time,” she says.

Cold-weather advantage

Serious buyers purchase homes every month of the year, Ford says. So not only is winter a fine time to sell, but there are even a few advantages to listing your house during the colder months.

“Typically, less inventory is active during the winter months giving sellers an advantage with the already low inventories,” she says. “Many houses during the winter have a ‘festive’ appeal to them and photograph and show well.”

If you’re ready to put your house on the market before spring rolls around, there are a few things you should do to prepare it for showings and open houses. 

Ford recommends keeping all interior and exterior lights on since winter days tend to be darker. Also, be sure to have exterior pathways and driveways cleared when it snows.

“Keep window treatments open to bring in the light, and bring in decorative winter greens,” Ford says. “With the windows being closed, perhaps add a simmering cinnamon stick or plug-in oil scent of vanilla or something light.”

Decluttering is also important for a successful sale.

“Planning ahead and being ready for a winter move is helpful,” she notes. 

If you’re planning to sell your house in preparation for a move to Linden Ponds, Ford is on hand to offer assistance through Erickson Realty and Moving Services, a special program that offers complimentary coordination of all realty and moving needs, including downsizing, home staging, packing, and selection of a real estate professional. 

“Working with our downsizing, clean-out vendors, and utilizing our donation resources list can help to expedite getting ready,” Ford says. “In looking back to some successful moves last winter, the residents who worked with our downsizing vendors, real estate agents, and moving companies in particular had smooth moves.”

Ford also visits prospective residents at their homes to help them create a comprehensive plan for moving. She can offer assistance with deciding which pieces of furniture to keep, and she can design a floor plan for one’s new Linden Ponds apartment home. 

Best winter ever

Many Linden Ponds community members have successfully sold their homes during the winter months and frequently comment how happy they are to be rid of the responsibilities of home ownership during cold and snowy weather. 

At Linden Ponds, the professional staff takes care of tasks like shoveling snow and salting sidewalks, leaving residents free to enjoy the season with a hot cup of coffee by the fireplace in the clubhouse or soaking in the indoor hot tub. 

With on-site amenities like a medical center, fitness center, convenience store, bank, hair salon, and barber shop, Linden Ponds community members don’t have to make as many trips out on slippery winter roads. Plus, maintaining their social lives during winter isn’t a problem because Linden Ponds has more than 100 resident-run clubs and committees and a lively lineup of special events and parties throughout the year.