Experience Ashby Ponds for a night or two

Live the Life suite offers a firsthand look at community life

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January 23rd, 2020
Elaine and Lloyd Ulrich took advantage of Ashby Ponds’ Live the Life suite to sample the activities and dining and talk to community members firsthand about life at Ashby Ponds.

Elaine and Lloyd Ulrich took advantage of Ashby Ponds’ Live the Life suite to sample the activities and dining and talk to community members firsthand about life at Ashby Ponds.

“Ten years ago, my husband Lloyd and I downsized from the single-family home in Annandale, Va., we lived in for 27 years,” says Elaine Ulrich. “We moved to a 55-plus community two miles from Ashby Ponds. But even then, we knew that further down the road we were interested in moving to Ashby Ponds. Not only is it close to two of our three children and their families, but we really like the area.”

In the following years, as Ashby Ponds continued to grow, so did the Elaine and Lloyd’s interest in the Erickson Living-managed community in Ashburn, Va. Together, they visited the campus several times, attended various events, and joined the priority list. During one of their visits, they learned about the Live the Life suite.

As one of the many benefits of priority list membership, the Live the Life suite provides members the opportunity to live on campus for a designated period of time. During their stay, guests enjoy access to the same amenities and services as current Ashby Ponds residents. They are encouraged to select activities that interest them and perhaps attend a club meeting, join residents for dinner, see a show, or work out in the fitness center.

“We chose to stay in the Live the Life suite to see how we would fit into the environment and if we would be happy in an apartment smaller than our present home,” says Elaine. 

A day in the life

Guests of Ashby Ponds’ Live the Life suite are given the option of staying one or two nights at the community. 

The Ulriches opted for the two-night stay, just the right amount of time to meet new people, take part in a number of campus activities, and experience the community’s top-notch dining.

“We found residents and staff to be very pleasant and helpful,” says Elaine. “Lloyd and I went to the ‘Power Braining’ session and enjoyed that together. I also went to a water exercise class and enjoyed it very much. [Wellness Coordinator] Debbie was very helpful explaining the variety of fitness classes and equipment available to residents.”

“It is our goal that everyone who stays in the Live the Life suite have access to, and knowledge of, the many activities going on during a stay,” says Director of Sales Holly Henderson. “We collaborate with dining services to set up meals that allow our guests to interact and mingle with our current residents.”

During their stay, Lloyd and Elaine thoroughly enjoyed dining with Ashby Ponds community members. 

“We had dinner with two couples during our stay and enjoyed the meals and people very much,” says Elaine. “We both find the food excellent and served very nicely. Even now, as community members, we enjoy meeting and dining with different people at mealtime.” 

Making the dream a reality

Following their stay, Elaine and Lloyd decided to move to Ashby Ponds sooner rather than later and discussed the move with their children.

“Our oldest son is our financial planner, and we discussed the move very seriously with him,” says Elaine. “He and our other children were all supportive of our move.”

Next, the couple reviewed available floor plans. As members of the priority list, they were among the first to select from the newly constructed homes in Belmont Commons. They opted for the deluxe two-bedroom, two-bath Ramsey with utility room and porch.

“We wanted to move to Belmont Commons because it was the newest building, and everyone moving in would be ‘new’ together, automatically giving us something in common,” says Elaine. “In addition, Belmont Commons will be close to the three new restaurants, Olympic-size pool, and the new fitness center.”

On October 7, 2019, the Ulriches officially became Ashby Ponds community members. 

One of the conveniences of their new home is the ease and security of traveling, and the couple took full advantage. “Shortly after our move, we went on a bus trip to Vermont with members of our church,” says Elaine. “Then, for Thanksgiving, we drove to Marietta, Ga., to be with our daughter. But even though we haven’t lived here long, we are very happy at Ashby Ponds.”