‘Greenspring has all I need’

Laughing in the face of Jack Frost

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January 27th, 2020
Greenspring’s general services team works diligently clearing sidewalks and parking lots and deicing walkways throughout the winter.

Greenspring’s general services team works diligently clearing sidewalks and parking lots and deicing walkways throughout the winter.

According to predictions from Washington, D.C.’s popular Capital Weather Gang, “As a more persistent wintry pattern emerges, February will be the snowiest month of the winter season.” These adept forecasters also predict “five to seven accumulating snow events in the immediate D.C. metro area.”

With these harsh, cold facts in mind, many area residents find it necessary to break from their typical day-to-day activities. However, at Greenspring, an Erickson Living-managed community in Springfield, Va., more than 200 clubs, activities, and numerous social events continue seamlessly, regardless of the frightful weather outdoors.

“The best part about Greenspring in the winter is watching the climate and weather changes through our large picture windows on the fifth floor,” says community member Al Poulin. “Since moving to the community, I no longer need to maintain or operate a snow blower to clear the driveway, curbside, sidewalk, and the postman’s access to the mail box. Instead, I enjoy dining with friends, working out in the fitness center, attending movies and other events, and taking 30-minute walks [in Greenspring’s enclosed walkways], regardless of the weather.”

Seasoned professionals

“For Greenspring community members, winter is a beautiful and safe season thanks to the dedication and expertise of our staff,” says Lynn Keefe, Greenspring’s director of general services. “We strive to reduce or minimize winter dangers and make the season an enjoyable one for our community members. Safety is always our number one focus.”

Community members are thankful for the diligent efforts of the general services team. From the first appearance of ice or snow, staff works to clear sidewalks, shovel snow, and place warning signs on the doors. They even request that parked cars leave room so that sidewalk curbs and road areas near parking spaces can be adequately cleared.”

“I love watching the snow through my large picture windows,” says community member Adrienne Cannon. “The snow-covered trees in the park across from my patio make my view look like a picture postcard. And I feel safe. I will be warm (no glitches with the electricity that I will have to solve), and the walkway in front of my apartment will be shoveled and sanded.”

No matter what Mother Nature throws their way, all of the services residents enjoy continue unaffected. 

“We have never once closed an Erickson Living-managed campus because of the weather,” says David Taylor, Greenspring’s director of sales. “We have snow equipment and a committed, hardworking team who help keep our campus open 24 hours a day.”

“During my ten years living at Greenspring, I have been greatly impressed with management and staff in the face of winter storms,” says Gray Parks. “When a big storm hits, many management and staff personnel stay here overnight, and a special effort is made to bring in our staff who live close by. There is a major effort to ensure that residents are cared for in every way.”

Filling the calendar

With the snow cleared and safety assured, Greenspring community members enjoy as active a lifestyle as they choose during the winter months. The community’s high-quality activities—classes, lectures, concerts, and resident-run club meetings—continue throughout the winter months with the exception of some outdoor activities like the yacht club and archery.

“Throughout the winter, I continue to work in the library, sing with the choristers, and travel to the elementary school to tutor,” says Margaret Brooke.

As a member of three resident council committees, Gray continues full-steam ahead throughout the winter months. 

“I am also a member of the poetry club and the leader of the Greenspring Troubadours, a group that sings country and folk songs once a week,” he says. “I volunteer at our TV station operating a camera and hosting a variety of shows. I also perform, by request, a monthly 30-minute concert to residents at our continuing care community.”

In addition to the plethora of community activities, staff members schedule special trips to popular local destinations. 

“This winter, we have a full schedule of fun activities,” says Robin LeGrand, Greenspring’s special trips program coordinator, who plans, organizes, and provides transportation to popular local destinations as well as faraway adventures.

Traveling safely

Greenspring community members also enjoy access to the community’s transportation services, enabling them to travel safely and in comfort throughout the winter.

“Winter driving can be hazardous, especially in Northern Virginia where we get both snow and ice,” says Keefe. “We educate all our residents on ways to make their trips safer, such as filling their gas tank, carrying extra blankets in the trunk, and keeping a cell phone charged at all times.”

Keefe encourages community members to take advantage of Greenspring’s highly trained transportation team available to do the driving for them, whether it’s a ride to a doctor’s appointment or lunch with friends. Weekly trips to grocery stores, malls, and local restaurants continue throughout the winter months.

“In the winter, it’s great to have someone else shovel the sidewalks and clear the streets,” says Margaret. “It’s also nice that we can take a Greenspring bus to do our shopping or just get to another part of the campus.”

Making every day count

With the first months of winter behind them, Greenspring community members continue to enjoy a winter filled with fun activities and lifelong memories.

“There seems to be more camaraderie at events when the snow sets in,” says Gray. “Throughout the winter, I enjoy all my activities without going out onto the roads, and I never need to worry about collecting supplies. Greenspring has all I need.”