Taking life by the reins

Sara Gordon is enjoying her first full year at Devonshire

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January 3rd, 2020
Within days of her move to Devonshire, Sara Gordon was enjoying water aerobics in Devonshire’s newly renovated pool. “It’s been wonderful,” she says.

Within days of her move to Devonshire, Sara Gordon was enjoying water aerobics in Devonshire’s newly renovated pool. “It’s been wonderful,” she says.

As the clock struck midnight and the world ushered in a New Year, Sara Gordon rejoiced for the new life she recently began at Devonshire, an Erickson Living-managed community at PGA National.

Last January, and recently widowed, Sara was living in her home of the last 20 years in Palm Beach Garden’s Eastpointe community.

“I knew that I wanted to move, but I also wanted to take my time and make a move only when the timing was right,” she says. 

With a little help from her friends, that move came on October 22, 2019. 

“As fate would have it, that was the anniversary of my husband’s death,” she says. “It all worked out the way it was meant to be.”

All signs point to Devonshire

Living in the Eastpointe community, just miles from Devonshire, Sara was familiar with the popular community.

“My good friend lives at Devonshire and encouraged me to join the priority list,” she says. “She stressed the high occupancy and the no-risk financial commitment, so I took her advice and joined last spring.”

Unbeknownst to Sara at the time, joining the priority list was the first, important step to the new life waiting for her just around the corner. 

“Not long after joining the priority list, my next-door neighbor knocked on my door and asked me if I wanted to sell my house,” she says. “My children thought it was a great idea, so I said, ‘yes.’ And from there, everything moved quickly.”

In fact, Sara’s neighbor accompanied her on a visit to learn more about moving to Devonshire.

“He works in the senior health care industry and, even though he doesn’t work for Erickson Living, strongly suggested I move here,” she says. “He told me it was the best in the business and perfectly suited for me and my interests. Not only are the apartment homes beautiful and the people warm and welcoming, but as an avid tennis player and golfer, the affiliation with PGA National was very attractive.”

Moving forward

As a priority list member, Sara was in the perfect position once the decision was made to move. She toured the available apartment homes and chose the one-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath Ashton, Devonshire’s most popular one-bedroom floor plan

“I love the large living area and the open floor plan,” she says. “The master bedroom is also very large with plenty of closet space.”

Sara also began working with Devonshire Personal Moving Consultant Donna Schneider for help with space planning, downsizing, packing, and moving. 

As moving plans were underway, Florida’s east coast braced for Hurricane Dorian. Located in a nonevacuation zone and boasting top-grade, steel beam construction and hurricane-rated windows, Devonshire is a safe haven throughout hurricane season.

“My friend suggested I come stay at Devonshire with her during the threat,” says Sara. “I gladly took her up on the offer. It was a wonderful experience. I stayed for three days and met some very nice people. That made it so much easier for me once I moved.”

As the hurricane veered east, Sara returned to her house in preparation for her upcoming move to Devonshire.

Best of all worlds

Now, in the few short weeks since her move, Sara has thrown herself into the numerous activities Devonshire offers. She’s met the golf pro at PGA National and continues enjoying her 20-year passion for water aerobics in Devonshire’s newly renovated pool. 

“I believe it is important to put yourself out there,” she says. “I make a point to come down to breakfast in the Verandah restaurant every morning. I sit down at a table and am soon joined by other neighbors. I really enjoy meeting new people.”

Sara is a native of Pittsburgh, Pa. Recently, her children and grandchildren traveled from there to Florida for a vacation in Longboat Key, stopping at Devonshire for a family visit. 

“My family is very happy that I am happy and surrounded by friendly people,” she says. “And the access to continuing care at Chatsworth, should I ever need it, provides us all with peace of mind for the future. I’m really looking forward to my first full year at Devonshire.”