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Resident Advisory Council ensures a positive dialogue between residents and staff

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February 19th, 2020
Joe Rosica is a member of the Resident Advisory Council.

Joe Rosica is a member of the Resident Advisory Council.

Last fall, Cedar Crest held its annual Resident Advisory Council (RAC) election. The council acts as a liaison between community members and management to ensure clear communication—they are the voice of their neighbors. The RAC welcomed three members—some repeat members, others new to the position.

The Tribune had a chance to catch up with Joe Rosica and Linda Greenberg to learn more about their roles. 

Joe Rosica

Q: Why did you run for the RAC? 

A: I like being involved and helping people. Two years ago, I was on the dining committee. I took a year off per RAC regulations, then had some health issues. I’m back at it again.

Q: Why do you think the RAC is important to the quality of life at Cedar Crest

A: It’s a good vehicle between management and residents. We carry forth comments to be attended to, and bring a solution back to residents. It’s time-consuming, but residents feel they are listened to and adhered to. 

I’m very happy living at Cedar Crest, and I want everyone else to be happy, too. 

Q: How long have you lived there? 

A: I moved in 2011 from North Miami Beach in Florida.

Q: What was your career, and does it relate at all to your role on the RAC? 

A: I was a production engineer in the garment industry. I got involved cooking weekends for dinner parties by reading Gourmet magazine as a de-stressor; it took my mind off work problems, and I’d return to work Monday refreshed. 

I took my dining committee role very seriously and gave constructive criticism, beneficial comments, and contributions. During my time in that role, we went from batch cooking to Signature Dining, where everything is cooked fresh and made to order. It’s much finer dining, and residents are very pleased. 

Q: What other activities are you involved in at Cedar Crest? 

A: I collaborate with Kristen Compton, the assistant executive director, in “Be Heard,” in which we meet with residents quarterly and [address] their needs.

I’m an ambassador in the marketing department for potential resident luncheons as a speaker; I tell prospective residents how happy I am at Cedar Crest. 

And I host a TV show with Executive Director Todd DeLaney called Issues & Answers. It’s a monthly 45-minute show where I read questions from residents and Todd provides answers. 

Linda Greenberg

Q: When did you move to Cedar Crest and from where? 

A: I moved from Somerset, N.J., in 2019.

Q: What is your role on the RAC? 

A: I am currently the chairperson of the transportation section of the Resident Advisory Council. At first, I was quite apprehensive about this. I was a “newbie,” living at Cedar Crest for only three months. However, after six months, I found serving on the RAC very gratifying as I [worked on] various transportation issues.

Q: Why do you think the RAC is important to the quality of life at Cedar Crest

A: It gives input from residents to management. When suggestions or [feedback] come through RAC, the council speaks directly with management. RAC has more influence to get things done. They can filter out what’s really important.

Q: What was your career and does it relate at all to your role on the RAC?

A: My jobs have been extremely interesting. I started out as a reference librarian supporting electronics engineers and mathematicians. I then used my research skills at a newspaper, editing information in one of the first remotely searchable databases. I worked at one of the largest investment banking firms for 20 years in various positions; I tracked the company’s [competitors]. Yes, I was a corporate spy! I then moved into the library [at the firm], where I automated the book collection and tossed out the card catalog. During my last few years there, I worked at the reference desk researching all aspects of the financial markets.

I became bored after six months of retirement, so I worked as a part-time reference librarian for 13 years at a medium-size public library. I specialized in my personal interests: theater, opera, music, dance, art, architecture, television, and sports. 

I am able to keep up with all of those interests here at Cedar Crest

Q: What other activities are you involved in at Cedar Crest?

A: One thing I’m involved in is I’m on a bocce team, “The Geezers.” It’s a lot of fun, even if we didn’t win the championship. I occasionally play canasta and Scrabble. The bus trips to New York City are an added bonus.

Executive Director Todd DeLaney on ‘true transparency’

“Our show Issues & Answers really serves as a vehicle for topics or issues that are out in conversation around the community to be presented and addressed on our in-house TV channel. Rather than a topic being discussed without the opportunity to respond, our show really aims at providing facts and clarity on all issues concerning our residents.  

We started this approach when we felt the need for true transparency at Cedar Crest and for residents to feel confident they are getting the whole story. I don’t plan the agenda myself. Residents submit topics to Joe Rosica [the host] and he brings them for us to talk through on air. We feel residents appreciate the approach because it gives them a direct link to a response from administration and doesn’t shy away from any topic, even if it’s unpopular or difficult.”