Seabrook clubhouse gets an all-new look

Residents look forward to exciting changes, updates (and a new pub!)

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February 24th, 2020
An artist's rendering shows the completely renovated lobby in Seabrook’s Town Square Clubhouse, which will feature a fresh, modern color palette, technology hubs, and new mail center. This phase is expected to be completed by June.

An artist's rendering shows the completely renovated lobby in Seabrook’s Town Square Clubhouse, which will feature a fresh, modern color palette, technology hubs, and new mail center. This phase is expected to be completed by June.

Seabrook has begun renovations to its Town Square Clubhouse in an effort to update the 20-year-old community with fresh, modern, and efficient design. 

“Our Town Square renovation is being completed in phases with an anticipated completion date of the end of the first quarter of 2021,” says Ron Comerford, project manager. 

The first phase includes a complete rehab of the first floor lobby and reception area, mailboxes, and entry to the sales office. On the second floor, the Princeton Restaurant will have a whole new look and flow. Finally, the resident life suite will also get a facelift. 

“Completion of phase one is scheduled for June 1, at which time we will begin phase two,” Comerford says.

New technology

Elected Resident Advisory Council (RAC) member Carol Heaver says she looks forward to the improvements.

“We are repurposing some of the clubhouse spaces to use them more effectively from the way they were built 20 years ago. We’re adding some new technology, such as better ways to use rooms for meetings and overflow from the auditorium,” she says. 

In the Princeton, for example, they’re improving the acoustics by using a different layout and new materials—technology that wasn’t available 20 years ago when it was built.

The second phase will include improvements to the restaurant’s kitchen, a multipurpose activities room, crafts room and satellite fitness space, the second floor lounge outside the Princeton Restaurant, and employee offices. 

When that phase finishes in October 2020, phase three will begin and include renovations to the catering room and auditorium as well as the addition of a pub. 

“I really look forward to the improvements and the addition of a fourth restaurant,” says Carol. 

Minimizing disruption

She adds that communication between management and community members has been excellent. 

“I think the staff and management are doing a great job of spending a lot of time and effort collaborating every week trying to minimize disruption and keep everyone safe. Every week, every department gets input on how can we improve, how can we minimize disruption, how can we help people with the adjustment and disruption. They’ve done very well with moving the mailboxes, the lobby desk, and the entrance,” says Carol, who is the RAC executive team member present at construction communication meetings. 

As part of those communication efforts, Executive Director Phil Jean and Associate Executive Director Jennifer McNamara host a weekly show on Seabrook’s in-house television channel, filmed on set in the on-site TV station. During the show, they publicize changes and answer questions brought up during construction meetings. 

Additionally, updates are given during monthly construction meetings and town hall meetings, and flyers are placed in residents’ cubbies. 

“There are many opportunities for residents to find out the latest information and to ask questions,” says Carol. 

While renovations are taking place at Princeton Restaurant, “Senior management was there every day,” Carol adds. “Staff was there every day asking residents if they’re getting good service. They’ve gone above and beyond to minimize disruption during this time.”

As a multigenerational Seabrook resident in her sixties—her mother lived there for 11 years—Carol says she appreciates the changes as well as the vision for the future. 

“Use of the space is being adjusted in a very positive way to make it better for residents and prospective residents,” she says. “As a community, planned to exist for years to come, we aim to stay financially viable, and part of that is to attract new residents with these new improvements.”

Learn of future plans

With the community near full occupancy and a priority list of more than 500 people, it’s never been more important to join the priority list. 

“Our priority list members are very excited for the updates and are the first to learn of them and construction updates,” says Sales Associate Carol Warren. 

She recommends joining the priority list to get a first glimpse of the renovations and learn of the extended five-year plan, including future renovations to Village Square Clubhouse. 

All it takes to join the priority list is a fully refundable $1,000 deposit to reserve your place in line for the apartment home of your choice. The day you join the priority list becomes your priority date, giving you preference over everyone else who joins the list after you.

When your desired floor plan becomes available, you’re given first right of refusal based on your priority list status. Passing on an apartment doesn’t change your priority list status. Should your future plans change, your priority list status is transferable to another Erickson Living-managed community.