The Baby Boomers are coming

What’s next for those born between 1946 and 1964?

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March 10th, 2020
This photo shows off the lush green courtyard surrounded by a residence building at Brooksby Village.

These breath taking views and beautifully designed apartments are just some of the reasons Baby Boomers are beginning to consider Brooksby Village in Peabody, Mass., and the maintenance-free, amenity-rich lifestyle offered there.

Beverley Simonini is one of the estimated 73 million Baby Boomers in the United States—those born between 1946 and 1964. Roughly 10,000 of them turn 65 every day, and by 2030, all Baby Boomers will have reached retirement age.

This is a generation redefining traditional retirement. They’re living longer, enjoying better health, and engaging in the workforce longer than previous generations. Many, like Beverley, are looking for meaning in new careers and new experiences.

“I’m on my second career,” says Beverley, who currently works part-time as a development associate in the philanthropy department for a health care organization in Peabody, Mass. “I worked in information technology in Boston for 35 years and loved it. When I retired, a volunteer opportunity turned into a part-time job. Now, I work 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., five days a week.”

Where to live?

With a fulfilling professional life, Beverley started to give thought to her living situation. She’d already been through two home remodels, one in the house she shared with her husband in Winthrop, Mass., and a second remodel in the Cape Cod-style house she purchased in Ipswich, Mass., after he passed away.

“I lived in the Ipswich house for six years and realized the house was in great condition to sell,” says Beverley. “I didn’t want to incur any major expenses again if something needed repair or updating. I wanted to sell while the house was in good shape because I knew I wasn’t going to stay there forever.”

When Beverley thought about the type of lifestyle she wanted, a maintenance-free, amenity-rich, socially vibrant atmosphere topped her list.

“I made an appointment to visit Brooksby Village, because it has a great reputation on the North Shore,” says Beverley. “I like the financial structure because the monthly fees are lower than you’d find in a rental community. I like the amenities, and the fact that if you need something fixed, you just pick up the phone and call general services. I like the walkable campus and the on-site fitness center. There’s just so much that appeals to me.”

Brooksby Village is one of 20 communities across the nation developed and managed by Erickson Living, a leader in building and operating continuing care retirement communities. Situated on 90 scenic acres in Peabody, Mass., Brooksby Village is home to more than 1,700 residents.

Thinking ahead

“When my friends heard I was considering a move to Brooksby Village, they were surprised and felt I was too young to make such a move,” says Beverley. “But the truth is, a lot of Baby Boomers are having conversations about retirement communities. The Baby Boomer tidal wave is coming. When it hits, you might not be able to get into a place like Brooksby Village. There’s not an unlimited supply of places that offer this type of lifestyle at an affordable cost.”

Numbers confirm Beverley’s intuition about inventory.

“We have a limited number of available apartment homes,” says Sue Davis, sales director at Brooksby Village. “For those considering a potential move to our community, the best way to reserve your place in line for the apartment home of your choice is to join our priority list. A sales associate can answer your questions and help you determine the next right step for you.”

Through Brooksby’s sales team, Beverley discovered a wealth of resources to help her through every step of the move. Personal Moving Consultant Laurie Phillips helped Beverley develop a space plan for her one bedroom, one bath Bradford-style apartment. 

“Laurie was nothing short of fabulous,” says Beverley. “She helped me identify what would fit, so I was able to move in with just the right amount of furniture.”

Unbeatable amenities

Beverley moved to Brooksby Village in June 2019, six months after her initial visit to the community.

“This community is a gem,” says Beverley, who’s enjoying a one-minute drive to work. “Brooksby is so conveniently located. It’s close to some of the best medical facilities in the country in Boston. In the other direction, you’re over the New Hampshire border in 25 minutes. It’s really the best of all situations.”

Beverley also appreciates the climate-controlled walkways connecting every building on campus. 

“One of the first big events I attended at Brooksby was the annual gala,” says Beverley. “I was all dressed up, and I didn’t have to get out in the cold to go to the gala. It was fabulous. The more activities I try, the more I appreciate this new lifestyle.”

Beverley says her experience at Brooksby has convinced her of the benefits of forward-thinking.

“All the amenities I need are right here—the restaurants, fitness center, medical center, bank, pharmacy, salon,” she says. “In the coming years, I know this lifestyle will provide me with expansive experiences, widening my scope of activities and friends. When I look ahead, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind this is the place to be.”