‘Community in the real sense of the word’

Seven reasons to love Wind Crest

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March 27th, 2020
Kathleen Capriotti loves not having to worry about shoveling snow or bundling up now that she and husband John live at Wind Crest.

Kathleen Capriotti loves not having to worry about shoveling snow or bundling up now that she and husband John live at Wind Crest.

Over the past decade, I’ve interviewed hundreds of people who live at Wind Crest, the community in Highlands Ranch, Colo., developed and managed by Baltimore, Md.-based Erickson Living. Among all my interviews, I’ve discovered seven common reasons people move to and enjoy living at Wind Crest. 

The community, perched above West County Line Road and Santa Fe Drive overlooking the foothills, isn’t just a beautiful setting for retirement. Yes, it has stunning new apartment homes with all the latest in design as well as beautifully renovated homes featuring breathtaking views at a great value. Yes, it has six on-site, highly rated restaurants. 

But, it also provides several key needs and amenities: various activities, on-site medical care, continuing care, sense of community, maintenance-free living, one-level living, and a convenient monthly service package. Those are the seven most common reasons so many people choose Wind Crest over other senior living options—including their houses. 

1. Activities

Take Alice and Joe Knox, for example. They had spent 14 years traveling the country in their 40-foot motor home, so downsizing wasn’t an issue (in fact, they were upsizing). But they were looking for a community feel with a plethora of activities and the full continuum of care in one place. 

Wind Crest has more than 100 resident-run activities and interest groups from which to choose. 

“To me, it’s a great value because there are so many activities you can get involved in, and we’re still meeting new people, which is one of the pleasures we got when we traveled,” says Joe, who has made himself at home at the Arts and Enrichment Center working on in-house community TV shows. 

“I like being able to get involved in as much or as little as we want,” he adds.

2. On-site medical care

Fran and Duane Gibson, on the other hand, moved from the mountains of Evergreen to find a sense of security and peace of mind in knowing that all their needs can be met on site. 

“If anything happens to either of us, the other will be in a good place, in a community with friendships and with support. Living up in the mountains, you still are dependent on your car for every little thing. The weather is harsher up there, and you think twice before driving to Denver or down the hill. Here, that’s not an issue. If we can’t drive, at least we know we won’t have to,” Fran says. 

One thing, in particular, they no longer have to drive to is their primary care physician—Wind Crest’s full-time medical staff offers same-day, 30-minute visits. 

“We just switched to the primary care physicians here,” says Fran. “There are a lot of factors Erickson has thought of for our age group. I think this will make us more independent and less isolated.”

3. Continuing care

Mill Vista Lodge, Wind Crest’s continuing care neighborhood, provides multiple levels of care, including assisted living, long-term nursing care, short-term rehabilitation, and memory care.

Designed with comfort in mind, the neighborhood is warm and homelike with several dining venues and living rooms for socializing. Mill Vista Lodge combines state-of-the-art technology with personalized care and hospitality.

“We wanted to downsize and didn’t want to move twice,” says Kathleen Capriotti. “We decided Wind Crest would be a great place to live, and it is independent with continuing care should we ever need it,” she adds, noting the activities and amenities like the fitness centers, swimming pool, and art studios were a big draw. “We like all the opportunities we have here.”

Dick Edgar, who moved to one of Wind Crest’s newest buildings in May 2019, also appreciates the peace of mind Wind Crest’s continuing care neighborhood provides. “When I need it some day, there’s help around to help me age gracefully in place,” he says.  

4. Sense of community

Meanwhile, Dick enjoys the community and friendly neighbors. “It’s community in the real sense of the word. Meals are a communal affair, and you meet a lot of interesting people,” he says. 

But meals don’t have to be communal. Fran likes to cook in their spacious kitchen. However, she says, “Surprisingly, I’m happy cooking less, and I didn’t think I would be. The fact that I don’t have to cook—only when I want to—gives me more control. It has changed my lifestyle in terms of meal planning and grocery shopping. Because of the flexibility, if I’m too busy one day, we can just go down to dinner.”

Plus, like Dick, Fran and Duane enjoy mealtime as a social time. “Here, you see people every day. Socializing at dinner is a major thing because most people are eating with other people, not by themselves. There is a sense of community that makes it comfortable to live here,” Fran adds. 

5. Maintenance-free living

It’s not just cooking that community members don’t have to worry about. Wind Crest is truly maintenance-free living. General Services cares for the landscaping, snow removal, even changing light bulbs. 

Before winter hit, Kathleen and John Capriotti were looking forward to their first snow-free season. “We look forward to not shoveling the walks and all the things you have to do in the winter-time,” Kathleen said last spring. 

And with all buildings connected by climate-controlled walkways, “We just walk through the buildings to get to anything we want,” she adds.

6. One-level living

Walter and Susan Blake were also looking forward to their first winter of no snow shoveling in a long time when they moved to Wind Crest’s Blue Spruce Ridge neighborhood last September. But they were also really happy to embrace one-level living.

“Our house had a fair number of stairs and is a lot of maintenance,” Walter said last July. With everything on one level, they no longer have to climb stairs to do laundry, get to storage, or access their lawn. 

Their patio apartment home has access to a beautiful open space where their dog, a Bouvier des Flandres named Perry Briggs, can get fresh air and watch passersby.

7. Convenient monthly service package

Finally, one unique winning aspect of Wind Crest is its convenient monthly service package. As a fee-for-service community, residents only pay for additional care if and when they need it. Until then, they get to enjoy independent living without the hassle of having to pay multiple bills.

Most day-to-day living expenses, apartment home maintenance, property taxes, heating and air-conditioning, trash and recycling collection at your door, dining plans and options, basic cable TV, regularly scheduled transportation, 24-hour security and emergency response services, plus access to a wealth of campus amenities, are covered by one check.

“Having fewer bills is a good thing,” Dick says simply. 

While these seven reasons rank higher or lower for each person living at Wind Crest, they remain the most common reasons people continue to not only choose Wind Crest as their home for life but also why its resident satisfaction consistently scores higher than most in the senior living industry.