Making a difference

Activities assistant shares her zest for life throughout the Devonshire community

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March 30th, 2020
Amy Spiegel, activities assistant at Devonshire at PGA National, smiles here from a beautiful Florida landscape scene.

As the activities assistant, Amy Spiegel plans and supports communitywide activities for both the people who live and work at Devonshire at PGA National. 

Supporting others is an important life goal for Devonshire Activities Assistant Amy Spiegel. Moving to southern Florida from Connecticut in 2005, she worked in the event industry before accepting the position at Devonshire at PGA National. Since her arrival last May, Spiegel has been making a positive impact on both her coworkers and the community members she supports.

“I was looking for a career that enabled me to make a difference in the lives of others,” she says. “My position at Devonshire is the perfect fit. The community members and staff are extremely friendly, making this an inviting place to come to every day. It makes it easy to go above and beyond in making a difference in people’s lives.”

Serving both community members and staff

In addition to planning and supporting communitywide activities, Spiegel serves on the welcome home and employee appreciation committees. 

“The welcome home committee is responsible for welcoming all new community members, including meeting and greeting them from the moment they arrive at their new home,” she says. “I introduce new neighbors to our many activities by reviewing the monthly activities calendar with them. I also answer questions, address concerns, and ensure they are comfortable and excited about their new life adventure.”

Serving as a volunteer on the employee appreciation committee allows Spiegel to further make a difference by supporting her coworkers. 

“Our committee creates and plans fun events for the staff, including employee appreciation events, wellness events, and holiday parties,” she says. “I am learning a lot from my coworkers and look forward to discovering additional ways to support each other.”

Last September, Spiegel was recognized for her efforts when she was named Employee of the Month.

“Devonshire is such a special community because of the people who live and work here,” she says. “I feel it’s important to enjoy what you do in life, and working at Devonshire is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. “If you can make a difference in at least one person’s life, you have done a great mitzvah.”