‘There’s nothing Cedar Crest hasn’t thought of’

Five reasons to love Cedar Crest

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March 19th, 2020
Dorothy Zimmerman smiles from her beautiful apartment, full of art and natural light.

While Cedar Crest has more than 180 clubs and activities, Dorothy Zimmerman and some of her Jewish neighbors started another one—the Jewish Events Group, which organizes Jewish cultural events.

Nestled among the picturesque mountains off of I-287 and just an hour’s drive from Manhattan, Cedar Crest isn’t only a beautiful setting for retirement. Yes, it has beautiful, open-design apartment homes. Yes, it has five on-site, highly rated restaurants. Yes, it has an expert staff of some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. 

But, it also provides several essentials and amenities: maintenance-free living, activities, sense of community, on-site medical care and continuing care, and a convenient monthly service package. Those are the five most common reasons so many people choose Cedar Crest over competitors. 

1. Activities

Take Dorothy Zimmerman, for example. She moved from culture-rich Norfolk, Va., to Cedar Crest in search of a continuing care community that could satiate her thirst for theater.

“At the top of my list is Cedar Crest’s proximity to New York City. I’m a culture vulture and go to the theater as much as I can, sometimes using Cedar Crest’s transportation and sometimes my own,” she says. 

She’s also worked to bring more culture to Cedar Crest. Very active in the Jewish community on campus, Dorothy cofounded the Jewish Events Group, which organizes Jewish cultural events like a film festival. 

If arts and culture aren’t up your alley, Cedar Crest has around 180 clubs and activities, with everything from crafts and cards to political interest groups to continuing education and fitness classes. 

2. Sense of community

Activities, for Blanche Blitzer, are a doorway to the family feeling she loves at Cedar Crest. She runs Dave’s Den, a furniture resale shop on campus, and has lived at Cedar Crest for 17 years. 

“For people who want to be busy, you can be very busy. For people who want to be alone, you can be alone,” she says. “But it’s so much better being solo in a community rather than a house where everybody has aged and moved on for one reason or another. Here, you’re never isolated. It’s a very warm and friendly atmosphere, very caring and loving.”

While they have each other, Vicki and Andy Cusimano appreciate having a social circle. 

“It’s nice to have such wonderful neighbors and people you can eat dinner with,” Vicki says. 

3. Medical center and continuing care

Vicki continues by saying that Cedar Crest has thought of everything, including medical care and continuing care so that she and Andy can live independently now, with peace of mind for the future. 

Cedar Crest’s on-site continuing care neighborhood includes assisted living, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, memory care, nursing care, and long-term care.

At every level of care, there are private accommodations; chef-prepared meals; engaging activities; and a full-time, on-site team of doctors, nurses, and caregivers who provide top-quality, compassionate care.

“The drug store is here, the medical center, transportation,” she says. “There’s nothing Cedar Crest hasn’t thought of as far as growing older gracefully and independently.”

4. Convenient monthly service package

Home maintenance is one of many daily living expenses included in Cedar Crest’s convenient monthly service package. Community members get to enjoy independent living without the hassle of having to pay multiple bills.

Most day-to-day living expenses, apartment home maintenance, property taxes, heating and air-conditioning, trash and recycling collection at your door, dining plans and options, basic cable TV, regularly scheduled transportation, 24-hour security and emergency response services, plus access to a wealth of campus amenities, are covered by one monthly check.

“It’s a very smart financial choice,” says Bruce Campbell. “I did my due diligence and looked at several area communities. Cedar Crest came out very, very well. Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, they were the best.”

5. Maintenance-free living

In fact, Bruce says, he feels his 1,100-square-foot Cedar Crest apartment home is a better value than his 3,200-square-foot house because he now gets amenity-rich, maintenance-free living. General services cares for the landscaping, snow removal, even changing light bulbs.

“We no longer wanted a large home with upkeep. I was hiring people who were doing a poor job. Here, it’s a great value,” he says. 

For Blanche, who lived alone before moving to Cedar Crest, that’s a huge benefit. “When I lived in my own home, I had to worry about the roof or the windows, or the basement flooding,” she says. “Here, the only thing I do is my own housekeeping, and even that I don’t have to do.”