‘Try before you buy’

Fox Run’s Live the Life program offers a firsthand look at community life

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March 23rd, 2020
The Live the Life program designates a suite, much like like beautifully decorated one here, for their guests.

The Live the Life suite at Fox Run allows prospective community members to experience life on campus at their own pace. “For me, it was really valuable,” says Nancy Sivy, who stayed stayed in the suite before moving to Fox Run.

Before you buy a new coat or pair of pants, you try them on. Before you go to a movie, you probably watch a preview. You might even taste a sample of new foods at the grocery store before putting them in your cart. So, when you’re making a big decision, such as where to live for your retirement, it stands to reason that you’d like to “try before you buy.”

The management team at Fox Run understands how important it is for prospective residents to have a full understanding of what life is like at the community before they move in. That’s why they offer so many opportunities for people to visit the campus for informative lunches and special events. 

What’s more, people who are considering moving to Fox Run aren’t limited to visiting the campus for just a few hours. They can actually find out what it’s like to live like a Fox Run resident by taking advantage of the Live the Life program, which offers priority list members a complimentary two-night, three-day stay in a fully furnished guest suite. During their immersive experience at Fox Run, Live the Life guests can explore the entire campus and get to know community members in relaxed settings. They can take classes at the on-site fitness center, soak in the indoor hot tub, dine with new friends at the full-service restaurants, and attend special events and meetings of resident-run clubs.

“It’s a perfect way to experience Fox Run firsthand without the ‘influence’ of staff,” says Sales Sales Director Allison Murphy. “We put prospective residents together with the residents who live here, so they can ask all the questions they have and get genuine responses.”

Case in point

Nancy Sivy stayed in the Live the Life suite at Fox Run last March before deciding to move to the community. She previously lived in a condo in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., and was familiar with Fox Run but welcomed the opportunity to really get a taste of what life would be like at the community.”

“For me, it was really valuable,” Nancy says. “I had come to Fox Run once a year for four or five years to go to meetings, so I was comfortable that it was a community I probably wanted to move into, but staying there for two days was great. They set up an agenda for me and asked what I wanted to learn about while I was here.”

While she was on campus, Nancy attended a lecture put on by the history club. She was also interested in learning more about Fox Run’s continuing care services, so she toured Rose Court, the on-site continuing care neighborhood. What really made the difference for Nancy was the chance to get to know the people who would become her neighbors. She was paired with a current resident who showed her around campus and introduced her to other people.

“The first night, she invited a couple of neighbors and we went to cocktail hour and then to dinner,” Nancy says. “What that helped me with is I felt like I was moving somewhere where I knew somebody. It made it a lot more comfortable.”

New chapter in life

Last May, Nancy moved into an apartment home in Edison Place, Fox Run’s tenth residence building, which opened in 2018. Since Edison Place is new, Nancy says most of her neighbors are also new to the community, which means everyone is in the same boat and looking to form friendships. 

Now that she is a resident, Nancy says Fox Run has indeed lived up to her expectations. She is a member of the library and entertainment communities and enjoys attending movies and live musical performances on campus. She shares her apartment home with her puppy Cody, who is part Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and part Bichon Frise (a breed now known as a Cavachon).

“It’s nice that the community is pet-friendly,” she says.

Nancy also has an active life outside of Fox Run. She takes yoga and spin classes to stay in shape. She serves as an election inspector and does volunteer work with an adoptive family at Christmas. She traveled to Palm Springs, Calif., in February and is taking a trip to Milan, Italy, in May.

“I also go to a book club and like to go to the symphony with friends,” Nancy says.