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Scotty Hart enjoys a full life at Linden Ponds

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April 28th, 2020
Scotty Hart moved from a condo in Boston to Linden Ponds, where she enjoys a vibrant and rewarding social life.

Scotty Hart moved from a condo in Boston to Linden Ponds, where she enjoys a vibrant and rewarding social life.

Until about a year and a half ago, Scotty Hart was living in a condo in Boston. The full-service building had everything she thought she needed, and she never had any intention of moving to a retirement community. However, when a friend invited her to attend a luncheon at Linden Ponds in Hingham, Mass., that all changed.

“I was very impressed when I pulled up to Linden Ponds…and I took the key to my apartment three weeks later,” Scotty says of her quick decision to move. “The idea of aging in place is great if you have community to age in place with. I lived in a large condo with many young families, so at some point you can see social isolation setting in.”

Opposite of isolation

Instead of social isolation, Scotty has found a rich and rewarding social life at Linden Ponds. She is a member of the lifelong learning committee and a storytellers’ group, which she says brings out her “inner actor.”

Scotty has always enjoyed entertaining, and she’s organized several “girls’ nights” with her new friends at Linden Ponds. At a recent gathering, she asked everyone to bring old photos of themselves to share with the group. On another occasion, she and seven friends met for dinner in one of Linden Ponds’ restaurants before attending the on-campus showing of the movie Downton Abbey.

“I love theater, and I’ve found several friends here who share that love with me, and we’ve gone to plays in Boston,” Scotty says.

Rather unexpectedly, Scotty has also found romance at Linden Ponds. She and fellow neighbor Jack McNair hit it off after being introduced by their mutual friend Patricia "Pat" Bianco. Scotty and Jack have dinner together almost every evening and enjoy taking day trips to explore the local sights. 

“It was a total surprise,” says Scotty, who was widowed 24 years ago. 

D.C. to London to Boston

Scotty spent her career as an editor and publisher in Washington, D.C. After she retired, she lived in London for a year and saw a lot of theater. She then decided to move to Boston to be closer to her daughter and three grandchildren.

“The grandkids grow up very quickly, and being closer to them has been great,” Scotty says. “I have not had a moment of regret.”

When she relocated to Boston, Scotty started volunteering at WGBH and was then offered a job at the station. She worked there for two years and then went back to volunteering. Over the years, she has done auction work, appeared on TV as an auctioneer, and was a docent at the station’s studio in Brighton, Mass. 

“I still give tours there,” Scotty says. 

At Linden Ponds, Scotty selected a Fairmont-style apartment home with two bedrooms and one bathroom. She chose her particular unit because she likes the open layout and the large kitchen. With four on-site restaurants serving at least 25 cooked-to-order items at a time, the people who live at Linden Ponds don’t have to cook if they don’t want to. But all of the apartment homes have kitchens for those who still enjoy whipping up their own meals, which is the case for Scotty.

“I do cook a lot,” she says. “[My kitchen here] is actually bigger than the one I had at my condo in Brookline.”