'I was on national television!'

Nana’s Cookery featured—sort of—on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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April 22nd, 2020
YouTube contributor Gloria Donahue aka “Nana,” with her grandson and cameraman Tom Miller, in the kitchen of her Ann’s Choice apartment home.

YouTube contributor Gloria Donahue aka “Nana,” with her grandson and cameraman Tom Miller, in the kitchen of her Ann’s Choice apartment home.

If you’re a regular Tribune reader, you may recall a story about Ann’s Choice resident Gloria Donahue aka “Nana.” Her popular YouTube cooking show “Nana’s Cookery” has been viewed more than two million times. With the able assist of cameraman Tom Miller, her grandson, she has created dozens of cooking videos, earning lots of praise from happy viewers. 

Here’s an update, and some exciting news: Gloria’s channel now has more than 34.8 thousand subscribers and 2.5 million views across all of her videos, thanks to the busy holiday baking season. Even bigger: one of her segments—at least a portion thereof—aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the popular late-night comedy talk show. 

How they found Nana

Gloria surmises that the show’s producers search online for interesting videos and personalities who might be willing to create fresh content for Kimmel. Apparently, they thought Gloria fit the bill; just before Christmas 2019, she received an email from the show asking if she would tape a cooking segment for a feature on holiday baking. 

After confirming that the email was legitimate, Gloria agreed to prepare her delicious almond buttercrunch candy, a rich, chocolate-covered, toffee confection that she whips up every Christmas to share with family and friends. 

The show shipped her a large box filled with professional video equipment for Tom to use. With the Kimmel producer supervising remotely, Tom recorded Nana creating the yummy treat in her Ann’s Choice kitchen. Gloria packed the video, a signed release, and a container of almond buttercrunch in the box and sent it back to New York. 

Eager to see the segment, she started recording every show; to her dismay, it didn’t appear. “When nothing happened by January 1, I concluded they weren’t going to use it,” she says. “Then lo and behold, they emailed to say if time permitted, it would air on January 10. I was really excited!”

Unexpected results

Gloria tuned in, expecting to see the entire video. Funnyman Kimmel had other plans. “It was featured on [a segment] called ‘Half Recipes,’” she says. “Sure enough, there I was introducing myself and the ingredients, when the screen abruptly went black,” she laughs. “The end. My ten minutes of fame lasted more like ten seconds.” 

For a moment she thought something had gone wrong with the video, but soon realized the quick cut was intentional and played for laughs. “At first I thought ‘this is useless,’ but my family thinks I’m a star, and that’s all that matters,” she says. “Once I got past the surprise, I had to admit it was kind of funny.”

The next day, a friend called to say she’d almost had a heart attack when Gloria came on her TV screen. “She was watching the show as usual, and up I popped, big as life,” she chuckles. “She couldn’t believe it. We had a good laugh about it.” 

Even though the show used only a few seconds of her video, Gloria was delighted that Kimmel found her among the millions of content creators on YouTube. “It was a great experience for Tom and me,” she says. “We had a ball filming. I hope somebody watching caught my name and will look me up!”

You can watch Gloria prepare almond buttercrunch and many other delectable treats at youtube.com/NanasCookery/.